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April 05 2006

Astonishing X-Men nominated for 2006 Eisner Awards. It's up for 'Best Continuing Series', John Cassaday gets a nomination for 'Best Penciller/Inker'.

The Eisner Awards are probably the most prestigious awards in the comic book industry. Think Oscars or Emmys.

You bugger. I was just about to post this.

Among a few others it's up against Fell and Ex Machina which are two of my favorite books to read. Man Vaughan got nominated 4 times, twice in the same category! Warren Ellis was no slouch either though.

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No writing nods for Joss?
Could be he doesn't have enough of a body of (comics) work though to be honest Moore, Ellis , Morrison and Vaughan at least are pretty stiff competition anyway (don't know much about the other guy).

I'm also really liking 'Fell'. I'm kind of the anti-comics guy in some ways because I don't like waiting 6-12 months to see how an arc ends so 'Fell' with its self-contained stories, smart writing and really interesting setting is ideal (not to mention very reasonably priced ;). Also currently enjoying 'Ex Machina: Tag' (really currently, it's on the couch beside me ;). Is anyone reading 'Desolation Jones' ? Any good ?
I havn't touched Desolation Jones yet. Ellis's writing can be really hit or miss with me. I've never hated anything he's done but there was a few things that I just found very blah.

The concept behind Fell is really interesting. I like how even though the comic itself is only 16 pages he still gives you 22 pages of content with letters and what is roughly the equivilant of
"bonus" features via his commentary.
Exactly. Even though it's shorter page wise, you really feel like you're still getting a full and complete story because each issue seems so dense what with the grid layout and lack of splash pages. I also really enjoy the 'extras' (though hearing that some of the stories were lifted from the news is a bit disturbing ;).

Know what you mean about the patchiness re: Ellis. He's always worth reading but some (e.g. 'City of Silence' and 'Ministry of Space') just failed to really catch light for me though they had some good ideas. Course he's pretty prolific so he's bound to have a few misses.
Ellis seems to be the most prolific comic book writer out there at the moment. Even more than Bendis (and that's saying something). I haven't read Fell but I did enjoy the first issue of Black Gas. He is the comic book writer I admire the most. Highly knowledgeable and able to write mainstream comic books with a touch that most comic writers would be in awe of. And his independent stuff is stellar.
I'm also really enjoying Fell. I liked Down, thought the 1st issue of Black Gas was intriguing but my favourite Ellis book at the moment has to be Next Wave which I think is hilarious. I've got the hardcover of Orbiter sitting on my self unread as yet but I will get to it soon. So much to read, so little time.

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