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"Iím a hairís breadth away from investigating bunnies at the moment, so Iím open to anything."
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David Lively

No patience for stupidity.

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15/11/2004 23:01 CET   5349. Fox's Tru Calling (R1) DVD website. 
12/10/2004 06:28 CET   5047. New publicity photo of Summer Glau. 
05/07/2004 20:35 CET   4355. An Analysis of Cheese as Metaphor in Buffy the Vampire Slayer 
17/06/2004 00:34 CET   4211. The WB's CEO Levin poised to resign. 
21/05/2004 08:01 CET   4013. Letter: No virtue in 'Buffy'. 
21/05/2004 07:50 CET   4013. Letter: No virtue in 'Buffy'. 
29/01/2004 09:12 CET   2815. Buffy and the new feminism. 
15/11/2003 04:09 CET   2348. ASH : Pirate picture 
09/11/2003 23:47 CET   2317. Ira Glass, one of us 
21/10/2003 02:45 CET   2214. Fox act over fansite. 
24/09/2003 17:30 CET   2070. WB and UPN attacked by the PTC. 

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