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"Dear God, spare me and I'll spend my life helping the poor, unless you don't like them for some reason and that's why they're poor."
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21/03/2014 18:19 CET   32766. Firefly Online: find a crew, find a job, keep flying. 
12/02/2014 23:35 CET   32597. 'Firefly' producer: A limited series reboot could be great. 
16/03/2013 00:18 CET   30621. "Joss" comments on the whole Kickstarter thing. 
09/11/2012 21:12 CET   29966. "Livin' on a Prayer" spoken by the cast of Firefly. 
16/10/2012 01:31 CET   29835. Is someone actually trying to make animated Firefly happen? 
05/10/2012 13:21 CET   29776. Eliza Dushku's 'My Console' music video. 
21/09/2012 22:06 CET   29709. MTV News interviews Nathan Fillion at the Toronto International Film Festival. 
21/09/2012 15:59 CET   29706. Nathan Fillion needs someone to play Nathan Fillion in Castle's Firefly Parody. 
20/09/2012 08:44 CET   29697. Firefly premiered 10 years ago today. 
20/08/2012 18:42 CET   29484. The OED discusses Buffy Speak. 
13/03/2012 15:09 CET   28224. The Greatest TV Drama of the past 25 years - Round one.  
10/03/2012 22:29 CET   28208. James Marsters talks Buffy. 
10/03/2012 21:05 CET   28208. James Marsters talks Buffy. 

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