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spidyredneckjedi has posted 2 links and 52 comments to WHEDONesque.


Just a Browncoat who enjoys the world of Whedon and would like at times to comment on these forums.

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12/06/2013 15:48 CET   31230. Serenity tattoo on Jewel Staite's TV boyfriend. 
01/05/2013 19:29 CET   30903. Pop Candy lists the top 25 tv shows of the last 25 years. 
13/03/2013 16:24 CET   30593. io9's March TV Madness: Pick the greatest science fiction TV show ever made! 
25/01/2013 22:10 CET   30340. 10 TV shows that deserve a second life. 
07/01/2013 23:30 CET   30235. Wired magazine's "100 quotations every geek should know".  
10/12/2012 17:27 CET   30105. Lego Firefly Serenity playset now an (unofficial) reality. 
01/11/2012 22:53 CET   29931. Charlie Weber to appear on "90210". 
26/10/2012 21:48 CET   29892. Seth Green to guest on "How I Met Your Mother". 
26/09/2012 22:10 CET   29725. The Avengers is out on Blu-ray/DVD in the US and Canada today. 
20/09/2012 16:45 CET   29694. Drew Goddard answers fan questions on his work.  
19/09/2012 15:51 CET   29690. The Avengers' Blu-ray Speargate Episode IV: A New Explanation. 
12/09/2012 16:14 CET   29641. Joss Whedon talks about Much Ado and his upcoming projects. 
12/09/2012 15:56 CET   29639. Much Ado About Nothing to be distributed by Lionsgate. 
27/08/2012 20:37 CET   29522. Sleepwalk With Me beats The Avengers at the box office! 
27/08/2012 03:23 CET   29504. The latest fan effort to bring back Firefly. 
24/08/2012 21:53 CET   29504. The latest fan effort to bring back Firefly. 
23/07/2012 17:30 CET   29347. AMC's Great Film Quotes of the 2000s. 
12/07/2012 18:52 CET   29258. The Avengers Target exclusive 2-disc combo pack.  
02/07/2012 22:56 CET   29194. Special features on The Cabin in the Woods DVD/Blu-ray get revealed. 
29/06/2012 19:02 CET   29179. Joss Whedon confirmed for Friday's Comic-Con. 

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