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"If my heart could beat, it would break my chest."
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Member since: 31 August 2003
Simpleba has posted 3 links and 365 comments to WHEDONesque.


Albuquerque, NM, USA

I'm the pragmatist in this Buffy-obsessed group!

That being said, I'm still Buffy-obsessed!

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24/05/2016 12:31 CET   35617. Thirteen years on: what happened to the Buffy spin-offs? 
27/04/2016 12:46 CET   35544. If Buffy The Vampire Slayer was on TV today. 
29/01/2016 08:54 CET   35329. Seven hidden gems from Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 1. 
14/12/2015 10:21 CET   35248. The AV Club consider Buffy's 'Amends' to be a Christmas classic.  
22/05/2015 14:11 CET   34622. Episodes of Buffy that shouldn't be funny (but are). 
13/05/2015 13:34 CET   34611. Variety interviews J. August Richards about diversity in tv casting. 
06/05/2015 08:58 CET   34564. Joss Whedon on why he left Twitter. 
04/05/2015 21:17 CET   34550. Joss deletes his Twitter account.  
04/05/2015 21:04 CET   34550. Joss deletes his Twitter account.  
04/05/2015 20:48 CET   34553. Why Avengers: Age of Ultron fills this Buffy fan with despair. 
28/04/2015 12:11 CET   34493. Avengers: Age of Ultron makes $201.2 million at the international box office. 
04/04/2015 20:02 CET   835. Buffy and Angel magazine articles now online. 
25/03/2015 16:06 CET   34308. Ratings for last night's Agents of SHIELD episode. 
25/03/2015 15:57 CET   34254. Sarah Michelle Gellar discusses why there won't be a Buffy reunion movie. 
25/03/2015 14:18 CET   34326. 33 behind the scenes photos from Buffy you need to see. 
25/03/2015 14:13 CET   34331. Russo Brothers reportedly to direct Avengers: Infinity War films. 
24/01/2015 23:24 CET   34108. The worst of the best: Buffy "Where the Wild Things Are". 
21/01/2015 22:34 CET   33533. The Buffy HD Remaster criticized.  
07/01/2015 22:06 CET   33982. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: an oral history of "Hush". 
07/01/2015 21:59 CET   34004. A review of the Buffy Fanmeet with Eliza Dushku, Nick Brendon and James Marsters. 

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