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"I'll Watcher your BUTT, lady. Your grammar is not so much."
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Well-weathered Browncoat. Hopes he's never asked to choose between five years of life or a new, full season of Firefly.

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21/08/2017 12:00 CET   36482. So farewell then. 
27/11/2016 22:35 CET   35965. Ron Glass has passed away at age 71. 
27/11/2016 04:05 CET   35965. Ron Glass has passed away at age 71. 
12/08/2016 09:20 CET   35757. Firefly soundtrack will be released on vinyl this Friday. 
14/07/2016 07:52 CET   35693. There will be a 'Reunion of the Firefly Art Department' panel at Comic-Con. 
20/12/2015 12:49 CET   35256. Pre-order a life-size Iron Man 'Hulkbuster' statue from Avengers: Age of Ultron. 
20/09/2015 11:49 CET   34970. 11 things you may not know about Joss Whedon's Firefly. 
02/09/2015 14:01 CET   34916. 'The Muppets' beg Clark Gregg for 'Agents of SHIELD' inside info. 
30/07/2015 21:53 CET   34813. Jeph Loeb on Agents of SHIELD and the other Marvel TV shows. 
09/07/2015 15:59 CET   34758. The Honorable Josh Something interviews Your Betters. 
05/07/2015 10:26 CET   34748. Fan Friction - an improvised live Whedon show. 
25/03/2015 09:30 CET   34341. Flash's Jesse L. Martin releases a beautiful gospel cover of the Firefly theme song. 
02/03/2015 08:34 CET   34222. Showrunner Tara Butters talks foes, friends, and the future of 'Agent Carter'. 
13/01/2015 12:23 CET   34069. Voice-over director Andrea Romano on "Firefly Online". 
11/11/2014 19:28 CET   33865. Don't miss Can't Stop The Serenity's eBay auction. 
06/08/2014 11:27 CET   33443. Felicia Day's company 'Geek & Sundry' signs a major deal with Legendary Entertainment. 
25/07/2014 08:57 CET   33389. First gameplay trailer for Firefly Online. 
29/06/2014 10:57 CET   33269. Top 10 most devastating TV cancellations. 
04/06/2014 22:38 CET   33153. Firefly nod in documentation for new Swift programming language. 
23/02/2014 00:49 CET   31780. Joss Whedon talks SHIELD, superheroes, and secrets: "I guess I'm just not very good at reality".  

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