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"Tell me, dear Walter, would you like to spend the rest of your life obsessed with the paintings of Leroy Neiman.. I mean, sexually?"
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Well ... here I am

What do you want, Joe, my life history? Here it is in four words: big ideas, small results.
---Barbara Stanwyck in “Clash by Night”

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12/08/2014 22:17 CET   33467. Robin Williams dead at 63. 
23/06/2014 14:21 CET   33247. Happy 50th birthday Joss! 
30/03/2014 20:55 CET   32818. Another clip from the HIMYM cast on Inside the Actors Studio. 
21/02/2014 21:06 CET   32641. Which Joss Whedon heroine are you? 
03/10/2013 16:35 CET   31945. Pics from the 'Much Ado About Nothing' movie tie-in book. 
06/06/2013 16:16 CET   31181. The link between blockbuster superheroes and a little Shakespeare adaptation. 
31/01/2011 01:14 CET   25788. James Marsters is married. 
05/10/2010 20:14 CET   25002. Zack Whedon Wrote This Week's Rubicon, "A Good Day's Work". 
24/03/2010 18:03 CET   23451. Patton Oswalt: great Browncoat or Greatest Browncoat? 
03/02/2010 21:33 CET   23057. Want to ask James Marsters a question? 
14/01/2010 20:41 CET   22886. 'Dollhouse has become a thing of beauty'. 
19/06/2009 20:29 CET   20734. Ennis House up for sale again. 
01/08/2008 18:20 CET   17171. Neil Patrick Harris on Fresh Air today. 
19/07/2008 23:46 CET   16964. Doctor Horrible Act III (The Big Finale) is Live. 
31/10/2007 21:24 CET   14590. Boston Herald Interview with David Boreanaz. 
21/09/2007 21:43 CET   14294. Sarah Michelle Gellar's money saving tips. 
20/09/2007 18:54 CET   14281. First look at James Marsters in 'P.S. I Love You'. 
20/09/2007 18:40 CET   14278. Vincent Kartheiser's "Mad Men" Renewed. 
20/08/2007 15:53 CET   14042. James Marsters turns 45 today. 
27/07/2007 23:16 CET   13839. TV Guide talks with Teri Hatcher, gets scoop on Nathan's role. 

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