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"Tell me, dear Walter, would you like to spend the rest of your life obsessed with the paintings of Leroy Neiman.. I mean, sexually?"
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As the Whedonverse goes, so goes my nation. :-)

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09/03/2013 01:36 CET   30571. Joss Whedon's 'Much Ado About Nothing' bus is why Vine exists. 
24/02/2013 03:39 CET   30492. Photos: Joss Whedon at the European premiere of Much Ado About Nothing. 
22/02/2013 19:52 CET   30486. Firefly reference in today's Love and Capes. 
22/02/2013 00:55 CET   30481. Makers of Firefly 'fan-game' abuse DMCA to try to silence critic. 
25/12/2012 15:37 CET   30183. Want to join Whedonesque? You can. 
22/11/2012 04:33 CET   30028. Interview with Nancy Holder about her new book "Buffy: The Making of a Slayer." 
20/10/2012 19:42 CET   29859. Marti Noxon joins Pixar to work on new project. 
11/06/2012 18:17 CET   29045. Sarah Michelle Gellar in a 1999 David Duchovny tribute video. 
11/06/2012 18:14 CET   29043. 'The Making of the Slayer' - the official guide. 
25/07/2009 22:10 CET   21047. Christian Kane talks about the late, great Andy Hallett. 
08/07/2009 01:22 CET   20903. Tim Minear talks Alien Nation. 
23/06/2009 13:25 CET   20770. Happy Birthday, Joss. 
16/06/2009 18:09 CET   20695. Why Christian Kane will be wearing a hat in Leverage ep 207. 
15/05/2009 03:23 CET   20315. Amber Benson/Christopher Golden Book Signing in Boston - June 19th. 
16/04/2009 11:06 CET   19913. Christopher Golden Confirmed for Dragon*Con 2009. 
31/03/2009 10:42 CET   19696. Alyson Hannigan gives birth to a baby girl. 
24/03/2009 12:02 CET   19614. And happy birthday to Alyson Hannigan. 
05/03/2009 22:58 CET   19327. Tickets are now on sale for Joss's Humanist Award Ceremony and Q&A at Harvard University. 
19/02/2009 12:24 CET   19167. EW's Ausiello offers his opinion on "Dollhouse". 
19/02/2009 03:06 CET   19157. James Leary Joins the Cast of Lilly. 

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