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"I know you've heard colorful rumors about what an Active is. Robots, zombie slaves. They are, of course, quite the opposite. The Active is the truest soul among us."
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Member since: 19 September 2004
Gill has posted 39 links and 552 comments to WHEDONesque.

(Mrs) Gill Othen
Warwickshire, UK

English/drama teacher and confirmed Joss fan for many years. Long-time lurker here.

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12/01/2015 23:10 CET   34068. The WB 20th anniversary: ranking all 32 of the network's dramas from worst to best. 
14/12/2014 16:50 CET   33993. Maurissa and Jed's Latest Collaboration.  
13/12/2014 14:52 CET   33986. Joss Whedon says widescreen 'Buffy' is 'nonsense'. 
21/11/2014 15:02 CET   33907. TV writers and showrunners increasingly 'mute' the fans. 
06/11/2014 02:05 CET   33843. Extended "Agent Carter" trailer. 
20/10/2014 19:37 CET   33752. One of River's Serenity dresses is up for auction. 
10/10/2014 23:52 CET   33711. US Weekly's 20 most beloved TV characters from the last 20 years. 
08/10/2014 19:40 CET   33696. #WhyBuffyStayed: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Riley, and the Cycle of Abuse. 
08/10/2014 18:21 CET   33696. #WhyBuffyStayed: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Riley, and the Cycle of Abuse. 
30/09/2014 14:11 CET   33660. Here's what the Buffy cast look like now. 
06/09/2014 16:25 CET   33547. First look at Agent of SHIELD's Lance Hunter. 
05/09/2014 17:42 CET   33551. Course list for Rupert Giles, Master of Library Sciences Candidate, Michaelmas Term 1982. 
25/08/2014 00:23 CET   33511. The 10 most rockin' TV theme songs of all time. 
28/07/2014 23:24 CET   33407. Watch Nerd HQ's 'A Conversation with Joss Whedon'. 
21/07/2014 00:09 CET   33360. Five "deleted scenes" from "Joss Whedon: The Biography" by Amy Pascale. 
23/06/2014 09:35 CET   33247. Happy 50th birthday Joss! 
18/06/2014 11:08 CET   33214. Harmony has minions? 
30/05/2014 22:30 CET   33142. Agents of SHIELD will return to Channel 4 for a second season. 
19/05/2014 01:08 CET   33095. Ten years of not fading away. 
14/05/2014 13:55 CET   33073. Buffy as Peanuts characters. 

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