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Member since: 29 June 2005
RayHill has posted 24 links and 242 comments to WHEDONesque.

Ray Hill
Fremont, CA

I started out running the fundraisers for the SF Browncoats at the 2005 San Diego ComicCon. Later, I helped Shawna Trpcic auction off her collection of Firefly costumes, co-organized the 2006 Browncoat Ball in SF, and helped Eliza Dushka and other Whedonverse celebs auction off their goodies for charity. And my day job is as a web project manager, which is not as fun but pays better.

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21/10/2014 07:18 CET   33752. One of River's Serenity dresses is up for auction. 
21/10/2014 03:53 CET   33752. One of River's Serenity dresses is up for auction. 
03/06/2014 20:18 CET   33153. Firefly nod in documentation for new Swift programming language. 
05/03/2014 02:26 CET   32693. Which vampire hunter would you trust to keep you alive? 
04/05/2013 00:06 CET   30923. Netflix's Ted Sarandos on whether he'd revive Buffy and Firefly. 
09/04/2013 21:22 CET   30764. Fox lawyers shut down Etsy shops selling unlicensed Jayne hats. 
13/03/2013 19:44 CET   30605. Which TV shows would you donate to for a movie version? 
22/02/2013 01:08 CET   30481. Makers of Firefly 'fan-game' abuse DMCA to try to silence critic. 
06/01/2013 00:43 CET   30224. Firefly MMO claims to have Fox's blessing for an "inspired" title. 
11/12/2012 08:24 CET   30112. Mark Ruffalo tweets about Joss' plans for the Hulk. 
02/12/2012 00:00 CET   30071. Original concept art from Firefly, Angel, Dr. Horrible and The Cabin in the Woods up for auction. 
05/11/2012 22:23 CET   29938. Bid for unique Whedonverse collectibles. 
04/11/2012 07:48 CET   29938. Bid for unique Whedonverse collectibles. 
29/10/2012 02:54 CET   29898. Whedon on Romney. 
26/09/2012 23:29 CET   29736. Alan Tudyk voices steampunk captain in Airship Dracula. 
25/09/2012 21:14 CET   29729. BAMF Girls Club Kickstarter. 
31/07/2012 19:46 CET   29381. "H+": the future of web series? 
12/06/2012 23:44 CET   29063. GeeksOn talks Avengers and Cabin In The Woods with editor Lisa Lassek. 
12/05/2012 07:42 CET   28835. A Fan's Firefly license frame. 
08/05/2012 21:40 CET   28791. There will not be an official Serenity LEGO kit. 

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