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"There's no throne, there is no version of this where you come out on top. Maybe your army comes and maybe it's too much for us but it's all on you."
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24/09/2016 14:14 CET   35834. Joss Whedon will be doing a Facebook Live Q&A today. 
09/09/2016 13:15 CET   35802. Emma Caulfield to guest on "Training Day". 
17/08/2016 20:58 CET   35767. Teaser trailer for the (fan) animated adventures of Firefly. 
14/08/2016 07:33 CET   35764. Rumor Alert: Joss Whedon directing the Supergirl/Flash musical crossover? 
07/08/2016 16:40 CET   35741. Jason O'Mara is the new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.. 
29/06/2016 07:40 CET   35669. Chiwetel Ejifor Stars in 'Dancing on the Edge' airing on PBS this June. 
29/06/2016 07:39 CET   35670. Watch Jesse Williams accept the 2016 BET's Humanitarian Award. 
24/06/2016 22:26 CET   35662. Happy birthday to Joss Whedon! 
21/05/2016 06:19 CET   35610. Why "Not Fade Away" is the best TV finale of all time. 
09/05/2016 22:29 CET   35573. Four reasons to revisit the 'Angel' Pylea arc, 15 years later. 
22/04/2016 05:57 CET   35532. Enver Gjokaj plays a Comic-Con security guard. 
26/03/2016 18:31 CET   35473. Tom Whedon passed away yesterday. 
14/03/2016 11:06 CET   35437. Anthony Stewart Head is in the cast of the "Robin of Sherwood: Knights of the Apocalypse" audioplay. 
11/03/2016 22:18 CET   35430. Amazon orders pilot for 'The Tick' reboot. 
17/02/2016 11:06 CET   35355. Who do you 'ship? 
14/02/2016 06:08 CET   35355. Who do you 'ship? 
01/01/2016 04:39 CET   35274. Happy New Year from Whedonesque! 
17/12/2015 22:46 CET   35249. Drew Goddard and Vincent Kartheiser nominated for the 2016 Critics' Choice Awards. 
11/12/2015 00:38 CET   35241. Neil Patrick Harris may reunite with Felicia Day in Mystery Science Theatre. 
10/12/2015 03:25 CET   35229. Five iconic works of genius made to prove a petty point. 

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