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"And now, I'm just a *big* fluffy puppy with bad teeth. No! Not the hair! Never the hair."
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I am not worthy !!
All praise the Joss whose coming was foretold in the Yosinan scrolls or was it in the fortune cookies at Chez Woo's Kosher Deli?

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28/03/2015 22:05 CET   34347. James Marsters joins HBO pilot about Salem Witch Trials. 
02/03/2015 21:45 CET   34227. 20 great TV episodes too painful to watch again. 
12/11/2012 15:33 CET   29983. Spaceship Alphabet. 
25/09/2012 14:14 CET   29725. The Avengers is out on Blu-ray/DVD in the US and Canada today. 
16/09/2012 19:43 CET   29671. Morena looks amazing in October's Esquire. 
17/07/2012 21:24 CET   29311. The Whedonverse: This Is War. 
09/05/2012 21:45 CET   28797. The Purple. 
05/05/2012 15:46 CET   28742. The Avengers scores $80.5 million at the US box office. 
04/05/2012 21:22 CET   28726. Free Enhanced E-book featuring James Marsters "The Importance of Being Earnest". 
25/02/2012 04:29 CET   28100. Happy birthday Alexis Denisof! 
26/10/2011 20:47 CET   27516. 'Homeland', with Morena Baccarin, renewed. 
25/08/2011 22:10 CET   27136. Scarlett Johansson praises 'Fanboy' Joss Whedon. 
07/07/2011 23:08 CET   26806. Torchwood: Web of Lies now available on iTunes USA. 
05/07/2011 20:24 CET   26783. Charisma Carpenter to guest star on USA's Burn Notice. 
30/06/2011 19:45 CET   26762. Variety reports Dichen Lachman returning to TV series. 
26/02/2011 00:36 CET   25953. It's Alexis Denisof's Birthday (sweet tweet from Alyson to celebrate). 
11/01/2011 21:50 CET   25656. Preview for Spike #4. 
30/12/2010 20:12 CET   25582. 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales' out this week in comic book shops. 
16/12/2010 16:04 CET   25514. Top five Angel episodes. 
31/08/2010 21:15 CET   24737. James Marsters will not attend Dragon*Con! 

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