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"Wicca good, And love the earth, And women power, And I'll be over here."
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Member since: 14 April 2006
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Tina W
Born and raised in MI, now in CT

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16/11/2006 03:08 CET   11852. A neat who-are-you Buffy Personality Test. 
21/10/2006 20:42 CET   11661. Star Trek's ideology vs Firefly's. 
25/09/2006 08:22 CET   11438. Chiller Theatre adds a gentleman and a vamp to their Halloween line-up. 
21/09/2006 08:43 CET   11405. How Well Do You Know Serenity. 
29/08/2006 12:56 CET   11233. A (School) Year of Buffy Screenings. 
18/06/2006 08:34 CET   10637. Ann Arbor Charity Screening Raises $1668.75 For Equality Now. 
24/05/2006 21:05 CET   10434. Miss out on the Serenity pre-screenings last year? 
10/05/2006 15:56 CET   10311. Physics of the Buffyverse. 
09/05/2006 02:02 CET   10302. What Is Mia Made Of? 
17/04/2006 18:12 CET   10085. Happy (belated) Birthday Sean Maher! 
17/04/2006 18:11 CET   10085. Happy (belated) Birthday Sean Maher! 

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