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Angela O'Sullivan
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22/10/2010 06:01 CET   25122. Cast of Buffy pose for awkward family photos at Wizard Boston Con. 
20/07/2010 04:37 CET   24370. Caprica actress Alessandra Torresani says James Marsters will be on the show's Comic-Con panel. 
24/03/2008 23:46 CET   15869. One Whedon Fan's Report From The Paley Festival. 
10/07/2007 04:19 CET   13666. Juliet Landau added to Dragon*Con guest list. 
07/12/2006 11:07 CET   11978. More Flanvention Confusion. 
16/10/2006 02:10 CET   11602. James Marsters' October Q&A is up. 
24/07/2006 09:35 CET   10923. Spike premium format figure up for pre-order. 
27/06/2006 22:55 CET   10719. MWC reviews the Deluxe Hawaiian Angel and Spike action figures 
22/05/2006 03:17 CET   10398. Trailer for the horror movie 'The Thirst'. 
22/04/2006 20:49 CET   10145. Deluxe Angel and Spike action figures confirmed. 

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