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"What'd you all order a dead guy for?"
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Alun Lewis

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Since I missed out on being able to contribute to the farewell thread - stupid lack of a computer during such a momentous occasion! - I will post my thoughts here, hopefully with moderator OK.

It has been such an honour to be a part of this utterly amazing fan forum for the past decade and change, though I do wish Whedonesque's retirement could have been a happier affair, with a month-long send-off and nostalgia posts galore. However, as Caroline noted, this finale has been years in the making and not due to recent events; therefore, we must rejoice in what this site has been and has done for fandom!

This is a difficult time, as someone I've admired for a long time and wanted to emulate has been shown to be all too human and all too flawed...if only in how his actions have hurt one specific person and possibly will hurt others who made a choice to enable Joss' damaging actions if their identities come to light in the future. A lot of deep thought will be needed in the weeks to come to better understand how I personally feel about what apparently happened and how it does and doesn't colour all the things that Joss has said and done concerning the concept of feminism and gender equality.

Once again, I'm honoured to have been allowed to participate in this site's world-changing works. Whedonesque shall live on, if only in what her members do to further its mission and spread its message.


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