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"Tell me, dear Walter, would you like to spend the rest of your life obsessed with the paintings of Leroy Neiman.. I mean, sexually?"
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27/10/2009 03:39 CET   22167. Tonight on ABC - It's the Halloween episode of Castle. 
21/07/2009 13:25 CET   21027. Why The Ladies Love Vampires. 
21/07/2009 03:32 CET   21027. Why The Ladies Love Vampires. 
01/04/2009 17:28 CET   19687. R.I.P Andy Hallett. 
09/11/2007 10:05 CET   14680. Still More Purple Prose: 5 Great Strike Movies. 
04/10/2007 21:24 CET   14391. A sequel to Serenity? 
01/10/2007 03:51 CET   14373. Nathan Fillion's debut in tonight's episode of 'Desperate Housewives'. 
22/08/2007 00:06 CET   14056. "I Am Geek" celebrates the new Serenity DVD Release. 
15/06/2007 10:22 CET   13450. 20,000 ACCA Audit students questioned about Mal & Co. 
11/07/2006 04:29 CET   10825. Happy Birthday Ron Glass! 

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