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"Gonna take a while for the stink of this to pass."
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23/01/2008 01:43 CET   15288. SMG on Buffy as a movie. 
23/05/2007 01:18 CET   13293. Cory Doctorow writes in praise of fan fiction 
14/03/2007 23:54 CET   12717. Shadow Puppets at Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film. 
27/02/2007 18:46 CET   12572. 13 Sidekicks Who Are Cooler Than Their Heroes. 
26/01/2007 02:30 CET   12333. Supernatural producer loves Buffy, wants Marsters to guest. 
01/12/2006 04:08 CET   11938. Who should play Wonder Woman? 
01/12/2006 03:51 CET   11940. When is a retcon not a retcon? 
01/12/2006 02:31 CET   11940. When is a retcon not a retcon? 
08/06/2006 02:40 CET   10532. Dawn makes the list of the Onion's Most Memorably Unpopular Characters. 
05/06/2006 01:49 CET   10506. David Fury comes aboard the James Marsters Event. 

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