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"I'm the go-to girl for dirty deeds done dirt cheap."
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16/04/2015 15:40 CET   34440. Cabin in the Woods lawsuit: Legit or Lame? 
16/04/2015 15:27 CET   34434. 'Age of Ultron' score will be available on CD on May 19th. 
16/04/2015 15:20 CET   34436. How Age of Ultron handles destruction better than Man of Steel. 
15/04/2015 15:49 CET   34431. Joss Whedon, Lionsgate hit with copyright lawsuit over 'The Cabin in the Woods'. 
01/12/2014 18:17 CET   33929. Summer Glau's 'Knights of Badassdom' coming to Netflix. 
13/11/2014 16:52 CET   33879. Joss Whedon and Brin Hill's 'In Your Eyes' is now available on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video. 
29/10/2014 00:28 CET   33806. Marvel unveils Phase Three of Marvel Cinematic Universe. 
08/10/2014 03:09 CET   33686. We must discuss the ending of The Cabin in the Woods. 
07/10/2014 00:53 CET   33686. We must discuss the ending of The Cabin in the Woods. 
06/10/2014 21:35 CET   33685. The Hole in the World: Why "Angel" is better than "Buffy". 
23/09/2014 22:24 CET   33626. Jeff Bell talks criticism and why Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. deserves a second chance. 
12/09/2014 15:11 CET   33577. The story of how Joss Whedon turned an extra into a lead actress. 
23/08/2014 16:11 CET   33502. James Spader interviewed in Playboy. 
23/08/2014 01:40 CET   33502. James Spader interviewed in Playboy. 
20/08/2014 21:02 CET   33495. Here is everything we know about Avengers: Age of Ultron. 
07/08/2014 16:35 CET   33451. Joss announces through Twitter that Avengers 2 has finished shooting. 
26/07/2014 18:15 CET   33391. Tom Hiddleston's email to Joss after reading the first Avengers script. 
25/07/2014 19:55 CET   33386. Joss Whedon interviewed at the Guardians of the Galaxy London premiere. 
24/07/2014 13:33 CET   33383. Happy Birthday, Summer Glau!  
23/07/2014 13:26 CET   33368. German review of Much Ado About Nothing. 

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