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"That's right! Just dial 1-800-CHOSEN-1 to meet girls who have this alarming yet fun condition."
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Member since: 29 December 2006
wolfpurplemoon has posted 1 links and 10 comments to WHEDONesque.

Amy Fort
Southampton, UK

I've been a Joss Whedon fan since Buffy first aired on British TV.

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02/06/2013 14:16 CET   31128. The genius of Buffy. 
10/10/2009 21:50 CET   21964. Another Dollhouse season 2 promo pic. 
21/08/2008 16:10 CET   17365. Stargate Atlantis canceled. 
04/08/2008 21:13 CET   17199. Was "Buffy" Killed By College? 
18/02/2008 21:05 CET   15540. Journalista discusses the economics of comics, including the Buffy comics. 
11/12/2007 21:26 CET   14961. David Boreanaz on BBC Radio 1. 
21/05/2007 19:59 CET   13274. Sarah Connor Chronicles Trailer. 
08/03/2007 20:32 CET   12667. 'The Thirst' gets a release date. 
12/01/2007 22:56 CET   12237. Eliza Dushku in IMDB poll today. 
29/12/2006 15:17 CET   12143. Trailer for 'White Noise 2: The Light'. 

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