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"Dear God, spare me and I'll spend my life helping the poor, unless you don't like them for some reason and that's why they're poor."
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Gabrielle Van Massenhove
Washington, DC

Though an obvious reference to BTVS, my nickname actually has to do with where I work (no, no bodies, just the bottom of a cathedral...).

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15/05/2011 16:05 CET   26480. Buffy Coming to TeenNick. 
18/06/2008 04:32 CET   16628. Jo Chen to appear at June 21 CSTS screening in Arlington, VA. 
13/06/2008 20:21 CET   16593. 2008 SyFy Genre Award Nominations (The Short List). 
22/05/2008 01:10 CET   16408. This month's SFX magazine is giving away free Buffy and Angel novels. 
21/05/2008 18:42 CET   16401. NPR has another story on our favorite Slayer and Buffy Studies. 
19/05/2008 01:46 CET   16371. Bringing back memories. 
14/05/2008 20:30 CET   16320. Dollhouse news from Joss! 
10/05/2008 04:47 CET   16290. Solicitation For Dark Horse August Releases Is Out. 
09/05/2008 20:56 CET   16286. Tooned Up Willow released. 
09/05/2008 20:38 CET   16284. Bye Bye Private Practice. 
20/04/2008 00:27 CET   16115. Buffy Tarot Card Set Being Released By Dark Horse. 
29/03/2008 01:24 CET   15917. Article on Fan Marketing quotes Joss saying "I like to see fan fiction of Firefly." 
25/03/2008 06:38 CET   15880. Even more Paley Fest coverage, this time from IGN. 
22/03/2008 07:34 CET   15850. Video clip highlight from the Buffy Reunion extravaganza. 
01/03/2008 06:01 CET   15644. Summer Glau is One of "30 Under 30". 
29/02/2008 02:56 CET   15630. 5th anniversary of Slayerlit! 
21/02/2008 01:12 CET   15554. More info about Dollhouse plus news on David Boreanaz and the Paley Festival. 
21/02/2008 00:13 CET   15554. More info about Dollhouse plus news on David Boreanaz and the Paley Festival. 
20/02/2008 04:45 CET   15553. A review for last night's episode of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. 
14/02/2008 22:23 CET   15495. Skinny White Chick skewers fandom in celebration of the end of the Strike. 

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