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"I was Rasputin's lover!"
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Brooklyn, NY

Joss Whedon is Final to my Draft. The Eliza to my Dushku. The razor to my emo. Someday faraway, when Obama commemorative plates run out and Ron Jeremy sells his virginity on Ebay, I will meet JW. Yep. And there will be peace in Middle East. And Joel Osteen will frown.


Dollhouse! Yay! Already planning to get addicted. Already planning to marry it and have its babies...

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14/02/2009 04:02 CET   19102. Discuss the first episode of Dollhouse. 
02/01/2009 12:41 CET   18525. Alexa Davalos a fine actress, per L.A. Times. 
03/11/2008 03:25 CET   18006. Our Mrs. Reynolds is stylin'. 
01/11/2008 07:33 CET   17989. Did Fox really pre-cancel Dollhouse? 
01/11/2008 01:23 CET   17995. Dollhouse casting call for episode seven. 
01/11/2008 00:36 CET   17993. Last minute Halloween costume ideas. 
31/10/2008 23:43 CET   17995. Dollhouse casting call for episode seven. 

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