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"Dear God, spare me and I'll spend my life helping the poor, unless you don't like them for some reason and that's why they're poor."
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16/06/2010 21:26 CET   24144. Whatís Alyson Hanniganís most memorable role to date? 
16/06/2010 21:16 CET   24142. 'The Cabin in the Woods' release likely to be pushed back says THR. 
08/06/2010 22:23 CET   24094. The Guardian speculates about who could be in the new Torchwood series. 
15/05/2010 22:02 CET   23901. Fran Kranz departs Friends With Benefits. 
14/05/2010 22:34 CET   23880. Fan faves 'Chuck' and 'V' to return next season. 
11/05/2010 20:32 CET   23863. ABC pulls 'Happy Town'. 
03/05/2010 21:29 CET   23802. Emma Caulfield talks about "turning down" a 'Battlestar Galactica' role. 
03/05/2010 21:19 CET   23796. Zap2It Inaugural TV Show Smackdown: Bones vs. Castle. 
29/04/2010 21:24 CET   23763. Amy Acker's 'Happy Town' premiered on ABC last night. 
25/04/2010 19:45 CET   23734. Can the Superhero Film Be Saved? 
24/04/2010 19:34 CET   23721. Syfy original movie, Mothman, starring Jewel Staite premieres this Saturday April 24th. 
22/04/2010 22:15 CET   23703. 'Pretty Little Liars' article and trailer. 
20/04/2010 21:50 CET   23685. Tahmoh Up a Creek (Well, a Riverworld) without a Paddle on SyFy Tonight. 
20/04/2010 21:36 CET   23698. Poll: Will David Boreanaz be remembered as Angel or Booth? 
14/04/2010 21:13 CET   23655. Assembling Joss Whedon's Avengers. 
13/04/2010 22:28 CET   23648. Joss Whedon to direct The Avengers says Deadline New York. 
10/04/2010 22:12 CET   23615. Eureka boss reveals which Whedon alum she'd like on the show. 
05/04/2010 19:43 CET   23564. A First Look at Happy Town! 
03/04/2010 20:16 CET   23551. L.A. Times confirms that Joss Whedon is on The Avengers short list. 
02/04/2010 19:58 CET   23538. Gina Torres joins new ABC Family show 'Huge'. 

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