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I don't think some people really grasp how good Firefly could've been ...

(or hopefully will be???)

I like to think of it this way ... compare what there is (┐was?) of Firefly, and its quality to Season 1 of Buffy (and Angel). perhaps its heresy, but I think scale and scope of what Whedon was reaching for was or would've been astounding if it had been given a chance to develop further and kept the relative comparison to Buffy.
What Scrubs is (or will be) to Friends and E.R.
is what
Firefly would've been to Gunsmoke, Star Trek and Buffy.
wonderful synthesis which transcends its influences.

and I smell good too.
Dormant account, I posted this back when Scrubs was good. Dollhouse is great(or S1 was).

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