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July 30 2011

Rest In Peace 11th Hour. Susan Renee Tomb was one of those fans from the early days who helped make the Browncoat community what it is today. A very talented artist, she made guerrilla artwork to help promote the Firefly DVDs and Serenity too. It was the latter that would eventually bring her into conflict with Universal but the fandom rallied to her defense and the studio backed down. By 2009, her designs were being sold by QMx. She will be sorely missed by her fellow fans. More...

November 03 2006

Serenity producer talks about that legal thing. A lovely little note from Chris Buchanan about 11th Hour's now concluded case with Universal. Slyck picked up on the issue yesterday, whilst iFMagazine give a slightly mixed final message.

November 02 2006

"Passed Thru The Storm" - Message from 11th Hour. 11th Hour posts at the OB that Universal's law firm has been authorized to conclude the matter. More...

September 13 2006

11th Hour releases the next art gallery card: River Tam. 11th Hour, the incredible artist who gave us the guerilla Firefly posters and the Serenity RPG artwork, has released the second in her series of art gallery cards featuring the BDHs. The first was Inara, looking appropriately Mucha-like. River, now she's a different sort of person altogether...

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