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April 22 2015

New book announced: The Comics of Joss Whedon: Critical Essays. This collection of new essays focuses on Whedon's comics work and its tie-ins with his film and television productions, emphasizing his auteurism in crossing over from panel to screen to panel. Essays focus on the comic inspirations and subversive tropes of the Whedonverse, as well as character changes and innovations.

October 29 2013

Buffy and the Heroine's Journey. A new book examining the Heroine's journey as represented in BTVS. More good scholarship!

March 24 2011

Read the latest volume of Slayage. The Buffyverse essays include a feminist comparison between Buffy and Bella, drugs and posthumanism on Buffy, how 'Normal Again' and 'The Harvest' can be used as commentary on Buffy and Spike's relationship and why Buffy seasons 5 & 6 become a post-structuralist primer.

October 18 2010

Writing about Whedon as a director. How would you evaluate a paper about Joss' directing? More...

August 12 2009

Buffy season 8 and Dr. Horrible on the syllabus of Henry Jenkins' new course at USC on transmedia storytelling, which includes a section on the Whedonverses. He notes "I still have room for more students." More...

August 19 2008

Those dern academics are at it again! This year's call for papers on Whedonology by the Southwest/Texas Popular Culture/American Culture Association has a deadline for November 15th, with the annual meeting being held in February next year. This year, the Dr. Horrible phenomenon has been added to the suggested topics. More...

February 16 2008

"You're Just A Mortal" - a new study of Buffy book. Or to give the book its full title "'You're Just A Mortal; You Couldn't Understand My Pain: Representations of Psychopathology in Season Five of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"'. Quite possibly the best title for an academic Buffy book ever. More...

January 04 2008

Joss' Creations on the Couch: "The Psychology of Joss Whedon" Book Review. Just released, this collection of essays explores the inner motivations and actions of Joss' distinctive, colorful cast of characters from a psychological perspective. More...

September 19 2007

"Third Wave Feminism and Television". This 2007 collection of essays includes one titled: "Female Heterosexual Sadism: The Final Feminist Taboo in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series." More...

June 04 2007

Undead TV: Essays on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. According to a report from Book Expo America, this book is getting some early buzz about it. The book is out in November and the table of contents can be found here.

November 15 2006

The aesthetics of Buffy. A very special edition of Slayage focussing on Buffy's opening credits, fashion and the quality of Spike's campness. More...

August 11 2006

Slayage, Number Twenty One. Once again, some more academic Buffyverse essays. The major highlights are the first piece which looks at the history of Buffy studies and the final essay which takes a critical look at the recent Slayage conference.

June 26 2006

Do Snakes or Fireflies Have Longer Tails? Media scholar Henry Jenkins analyzes Serenity and Snakes on a Plane and explains why Internet buzz translated differently for the two films. More...

August 02 2005

First issue of Watcher Junior available to read online. It's like except all the Buffyverse articles are written by undergraduates. Anyhow go and have a look, there's an essay about the fandom which is always entertaining to read about. More...

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