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September 28 2010

Summer Glau talks playing Supergirl in Superman/Batman Apocalypse. An extensive interview courtesy of on the day of Superman/Batman: Apocalypse's official release. A lot of talk regarding the whedonverse makes it in there as well. More...

September 29 2009

"Wired" talks to Felicia Day about The Guild. Interesting article about Felicia Day and the growing success of the Guild. She also discusses about whether that has led to more mainstream roles, and how the web series format is still evolving

June 14 2007

Call for extras for new David Boreanaz film. Heery Casting is seeking extras on the West Chester University campus for the film "Our Lady of Victory." More...

May 02 2006

Mike Massa (Angel stunt double) in Superman Returns. He's acting and stunt doubling as Supes himself. More...

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