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February 14 2015

Firefly Funko 6" action figure photos from Toy Fair via The Fwoosh. These are prototypes, they aim to have them in stores by May.

May 16 2014

QMX preview 1/6 scale Malcolm Reynolds figure , online as well as at Dallas Comic Con. He's the first in a range of realistic Firefly figures. More...

February 14 2014

First Look at Buffy and Firefly ReAction Figures. The 80s inspired ReAction Figures are now available for pre-order. More...

December 17 2013

Funko announces Buffy Pop Figures and Re-Action Figures. The Scooby Gang is getting the cute vinyl treatment!

May 20 2012

First Look: The Avengers Action Figures. They're looking absolutely lifelike. Article also contains links on how to win some.

September 01 2007

Toyfare's Best 100 Toys of the Decade. The Buffy/Angel Palz line comes in at number 97 and the 'Graduation Day' Buffy figure is at number 41, getting praised as "simply the best Buffy figure ever". More...

August 20 2007

DST cancels planned 6" Buffy figure series. Including the Judge wave (Oz, Drusilla and Robin Wood with a collectible multi-part Judge figure) and the Revamped series of dioramas.

July 12 2007

MWCToys reviews the Premium Format Spike figure. A thorough and well-illustrated review of this 18" scale figure/statue.
MWCToys reviews Buffy Deluxe Action Figures, series 3. Chosen Willow, White Witch Willow, Kendra and Kennedy in super-articulated 6" figure form. Michael Crawford's reviews are always detailed and well illustrated with quality photographs. More...

June 02 2007

Fwooshnet interviews Buffyverse action figure custom queen MsBigPileOfDust. She talks about her inspirations, her working method and her recent figures and dioramas, particularly some key moments in Buffy Season Six. More...

May 30 2007

Ask Diamond #48. Diamond Select Toys answers more questions about upcoming BtVS, AtS, and Serenity action figures, statues, and other merchandise. More...

April 06 2007

CustomCon 16 includes two sets of customised Buffy and Angel action figures on Friday, Stakey's featuring Buffy season four and Sasha's featuring "sacrifice" moments from both series.

March 16 2007

BTVSFigs' Ask Diamond 47 is the first of these regular Q&As since the announcement of the Revamped Buffy and Angel figures, and the Essence statue line, so naturally questions about them are asked and answered.

February 10 2007

New York Toy Fair photos from Diamond Select Toys showing forthcoming action figures, props and statues. More...

February 08 2007

MWC reviews Sideshow's 12" Lorne figure with his usual attention to detail and a selection of big, clear photos.

February 04 2007

Diamond Select interview, including Buffy and Angel figure questions hinting at important news on the future of the action figure line coming soon, probably after ToyFair.

January 28 2007

Buffyverse action figures pics from the UK Toy Fair. Bland, almost unrecognisable, representations of Giles, Wes and Faith. The Spike figure isn't too bad though.

January 22 2007

The first Astonishing X-Men figure is out, and it's Emma. Hasbro has released the first figure based on Joss Whedon and John Cassaday’s Astonishing X-Men designs, with (reportedly) more to come. Here's a review, and it's not wildly impressed while still remaining cautiously optimistic, a neat trick that.

January 08 2007

BTVSFigs' Ask DST 46 confirms that the Initiative Xander figure will be coming out after all, and the Giles and Faith figures should be in stores within a month, among other things.

November 13 2006

Assemble The Judge. Diamond Select Toys have posted pics of their new Drusilla, Oz, Wood figures with a special Assemble The Judge.

October 31 2006

BTVSFigs' Ask Diamond 45 includes confirmations of assorted previously-revealed future releases in DST's various Buffy and Angel lines, and some questions about other licences too.

September 27 2006

BTVSFigs' Ask Diamond 44 yields more "no" than "yes" answers to assorted queries about forthcoming Whedonian action figures, statues and other collectibles from Diamond Select Toys.

August 17 2006

New Buffy Line: Drusilla, Oz and Robin Wood. Diamond Select Toys next action figure line includes Drusilla, Oz, and Robin Wood. More...

August 10 2006

MWCToys review: Chosen Xander, Wish Cordelia figures with Mr. Crawford's usual degree of detail, including photos comparing them to the original MAC figures and the previously-reviewed S7 Xander and Pylean Cordelia, reviewed here.

August 03 2006

MWC reviews Season 7 Xander and Pylean Cordelia figures with his usual attention to detail.

July 18 2006

Preview of Deluxe Willow and Kendra figures and Willow bust in's interview with Diamond Select's Chuck Terceira prior to the San Diego Comic Con.

June 27 2006

MWC reviews the Deluxe Hawaiian Angel and Spike action figures due in stores soon, in detail and with excellent photos.

June 16 2006

MWCToys advance review: Deluxe Angel and Spike action figures with Mr. Crawford's usual degree of detail and lots of photos.

June 09 2006

BTVSFigs Ask Diamond 41. This monthly-ish Q&A with the major Buffy and Angel collectible licenser naturally contains quite a few questions about the new products revealed at Wizard World Philadelphia.

June 05 2006

Oodles of new Buffyverse action figures pics from Wizard World Philadelphia. Some of the figures are good, some of them bear a vague passing resemblance. More...

May 17 2006

BTVSFigs Ask Diamond 40 contains the usual mixture of straight answers and broad hints as to future plans for Buffy and Angel figures and busts.

April 03 2006

Toymania's CustomCon launches with Angel, Buffy and Serenity represented by action figure customisers right from day one.

February 17 2006

BTVSFigs' Ask Diamond 37 includes confirmation of which of the deluxe Angel and Spike figures have swappable arms and the grim news that licensing currently prevents a Puppet Angel action figure.

February 13 2006

Photos from Toyfair International of forthcoming Buffy and Angel figures including human-faced Deluxe Spike and Angel, and the Xander series. has more pictures, including the Cordelia figures. And this pic seems to show a figure of Giles, a new version of Wesley with shirtsleeves rolled up, and Spike as Randy.

February 10 2006

First look at "Summers Family Album" action figures, including Joyce as well as exclusive versions of Buffy and Dawn.

January 30 2006

First look at Deluxe Angel and Spike action figures from Destiny, including the "bloody" chase figures.

January 22 2006

BtVSFigs Ask Diamond 36 says all core characters will be considered for the Deluxe line, plus future figure plans.

January 07 2006

BTVSFigs Ask Diamond 35 includes confirmation that the Spike bust will be followed by Tara, and that the Dawn figure will be taller than Buffy's...

January 06 2006

MWC's 2005 Best and Worst toys. Includes awards for Sideshow's Drusilla and Vampire Buffy, and No-Prizes for Diamond's Mal and the packaging on Palisade's Palz.

January 03 2006

Deluxe Angel and Spike action figures set for Destiny as their core assortment, like the Deluxe Buffy and Faith figures were based on their fight in Graduation Day part 1. Limited edition "battle damaged" versions of the characters will also be available, with more exclusives to follow.

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December 16 2005

Sideshow announce Angel 12" figure licence. Having already produced figures of Angel in their Buffy line, the company confirms that they have the licence for his show as well.

December 15 2005

BTVSFigs Ask Diamond 34 includes news that one of four characters mentioned is being sculpted. But who? More...

December 02 2005

BTVSFigs' Ask Diamond 33 includes a few confirmations of future figure plans.

November 18 2005

BTVSFigs' Ask Diamond 32 includes an explanation of why Angel and Illyria are so tall compared to other figures in the line.

November 07 2005

Buffy and Dawn action figures to be joined by Joyce in an exclusive boxed set coming out with the figures' release early next year. (reg. req'd.)

October 25 2005

Michael Crawford reviews Sideshow's 12" Vampire Buffy and Diamond Select's Buffy versus Dracula mini-bust over in his Movie Poop Shoot column too.
Buffyverse Action Figure Raffle, from the Whedonverse Multimedia Project. "From now until midnight eastern time on October 30th, every $5 you donate to the Whedonverse Multimedia Project will automatically enter you into our drawing." More...

October 14 2005

BTVSFigs Ask Diamond 31 confirms that new action figures of Xander and Cordelia are on the way, sometime after Buffy and Dawn ship to stores too late for Christmas - and that Once More With Feeling Dawn and the Buffybot will have legs.

October 01 2005 give us a good look at Buffy and Dawn figures with larger-than-life photos of the forthcoming line from Diamond, apart from Cheerleader Buffy and the Buffybot. (Thanks to Lior Knight at BTVSFigs.)

September 27 2005

Win action-figures in the Serenity contest at (US only. Boo.) More...

September 20 2005

Diamond Select Serenity Action Figure Contest. Due to the good grace of Diamond Select, Raving Toy Maniac presents a contest in which you can enter to win a signed Jayne action figure, among other nifty things. More...

September 19 2005

BTVSFigs' Ask Diamond 30 contains solid answers on figures for Gunn in the near future and a figure with the Sunnydale High Library playset- both "no".

September 04 2005

MWC reviews the Final Battle Mal action figure and does not like what he sees.

August 19 2005

In-depth reviews of two variant Wesley action figures with a number of large, detailed photos (and a mix-up as to which season Parting Gifts happened in).

August 12 2005

BTVSFigs Ask Diamond 29. Another round of Q&A with the producers of Buffy, Angel and Serenity figures including an explanation for why Jayne can't move his legs...

July 25 2005

BTVSFigs Ask Diamond 28. The latest round of Q&A with the producers of Buffy, Angel and Serenity action figures confirms a few details about their future plans.

June 03 2005

Serenity Action Figure Preorder. Online retailer Entertainment Earth has posted a page to preorder Serenity Series One action figures. More...

March 28 2005

BTVSFigs Ask Diamond 23. This round of Q&A with the Buffy, Angel and Serenity action figure producers confirms that one of the Fred variant figures will be Illyria.

January 14 2005

"Ask Diamond" at BTVSFigs includes first look at Plrtz Glrb Lorne figure. The regular Q&A with Diamond Select Toys at the BTVSFigs message board includes a sneak preview of the exclusive beheaded Lorne figure and the doubtless envy-inducing news that the new Spike figures were made from computer scans of James Marsters himself... "James was very accommodating and did several poses and expressions as well as a scan without his shirt."

October 16 2003

New Willow Action Figures Announced By Diamond Select Toys. "The first four figures to be released will be Willow, Transformation Willow [presumably as seen in 'Chosen'], Dark Witch Willow, and Vampire Willow from the fan-favorite episode 'The Wish.'" More...

August 18 2003

MAC Buffy Series VI Painted Action Figure Photos. They include Riley, Adam, D'Hoffryn, and Fyarl Demon Giles, and were taken at the recent Wizard World convention in Chicago two weekends ago. More...

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