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"See how I'm not punchin' him? I think I've grown."
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September 05 2012

American Beauty live read features Whedon alum. Jason Reitman directs a live, one-night only stage reading of the film "American Beauty" at the Toronto International Film Festival. More...

March 07 2010

Neil Patrick Harris DID have an opening song for the Oscars. Seems the misinformation was misinformation.

July 28 2009

Looking for Your Favorite Whedonverse Celeb? Find their Twitter Info Here! Whedonverse has a nicely laid out page that displays all the Whedon-relevant twitter contact information. More...

November 16 2008

Seth Green Takes Entertainment Weekly's Personality Quiz. Seth talks about his least favorite Star Wars death, the one thing that he wishes he still had from his childhood, and his karaoke skills. Oh, and maybe a little something about a certain guest stint. Not to worry spoilerphobes there is nothing to fear here.

September 10 2008

Scream 2008 Awards hosted by Spike TV is open for voting and nominees include Cloverfield, Buffy S8, Julie Benz, Doug Jones, Summer Glau, and Joss. More...

September 01 2005

A convention from the guests point of view. At the Angel Booster Bash back in July, cameras were given to all the guest to take pictures with to get an idea of what they would take pics of. Some of those have now been developed and posted to their photo gallery. More...

August 18 2005

Whedonverse actors say cheese to promote their new Fall shows. New photos of Charisma, David, Nick, Seth and Christian at iFMagazine, taken at The Television Critics Association press tour.

May 20 2005

90210 vs Buffy alums. Zap2it article looks at how the alums of 90210 and Buffy/Angel fared during pilot season. Nice shout out to the 'Whedon-verse" as well. More...

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