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August 23 2015

Watch Saturday's 'Firefly' Panel from this year's Chicago Comic Con. Featuring Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin and Summer Glau having far too much fun.

August 13 2015

(SPOILER) 'Castle' Spoilers: Adam Baldwin to return for season 8. According to Entertainment Weekly he will be reprising his role as Detective Ethan Slaughter for an episode set to air early in the season.

April 12 2015

Joss gives answers to very touchy subjects in Badass Digest interview. Joss talks about Twitter, his comment regarding Jurassic World, GamerGate, and Adam Baldwin.

October 31 2014

Adam Baldwin narrates "Maurice the Morose Clown" in a Halloween short film. Written and directed by Darren Field, a British Browncoat. More...

June 25 2014

(SPOILER) Adam Baldwin talks about his new TNT series 'The Last Ship'. He discusses his character, working on a Navy ship, and a bit of what to expect from the series.

March 11 2014

(Most of) Firefly cast will attend Dallas Comic Con. Fillion, Staite, Maher, Baldwin, and Glass will be in attendance.

August 05 2013

Firefly cast talks about best moments. It's a clip from a panel featuring Adam Baldwin, Jewel Staite and Alan Tudyk at the recent Fandomfest con in Kentucky.

July 09 2013

Adam Baldwin's COHEN & TATE released today on Blu Ray. Scroll down the link for a gushing blurb from AICN's Harry Knowles. The film is from 1988 and is directed by Eric Red (Hitcher, Near Dark) More...

April 08 2013

Adam Baldwin on Jayne, Firefly and the enjoyment of acting. Talking to Australian press ahead of this weekend's Supanova convention appearance in Melbourne, he said while he would "jump at the chance" to reprise the role he didn't see Firefly returning any time soon. "Joss is busy with Avengers and Nathan is busy with Castle, his television show, so if it happens in the next three or four or five years, sure, but beyond that, I don't want to be 'old-guy Jayne'."

April 04 2013

Adam Baldwin on Jayne's perfect woman, Firefly's demise and more. He's a guest at this weekend's Planet Comicon in Kansas City.

February 27 2013

Happy Birthday, Adam Baldwin! The man they call Jayne turns 51 today.

February 01 2013

Adam Baldwin talks Joss, Jayne and Serenity dreams. In which Adam ponders on the greatest challenge a Serenity sequel would face.

October 22 2012

Adam Baldwin joins TNT's "Last Ship" pilot. He replaces Titus Welliver who was forced to drop out due to a family health emergency.

September 13 2012

Adam Baldwin, James Marsters, and Nicholas Brendon to appear at Montreal Comic Con. Event takes place Sept 14-16, 2012. Yes, that's this weekend, but I only found out about it today.

August 04 2012

Watch "Adam Baldwin - Cocktails with Stan - Ep13" on YouTube. Comic book legend Stan Lee and co-host Jenna Busch interview Adam Baldwin about Firefly and ComicCon on Stan's YouTube program "Cocktails With Stan." More...

July 22 2012

Law & Order: SVU casts Adam Baldwin as Cragen's replacement. Adam Baldwin will be playing Capt. Steven Harris, the interim captain, and is to appear in the first three episodes next season.

July 17 2012

For $1,000 Captain Tight Pants will rock your world! A kiss for charity goes out of control when Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin join in the fun! More...

July 16 2012

Nathan Fillion's second (and third) NerdHQ panel videos. Nathan charmed his way into getting a second full-on solo panel at Nerd Machine's NerddHQ on Sunday where he auctions off stuff for charity. Also, a video from Saturday's mystery panel with Zach Levi, Nathan, Adam Baldwin and Summer Glau: Part 1 and Part 2. More...

July 11 2012

Firefly Reunion in Nerd Machine's Trailer Park Heroes, Pt. 3. Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk join Adam Baldwin in the epic conclusion.

July 10 2012

A report of the Firefly/Serenity panel at the London Film and Comic Con. Jewel Staite and Adam Baldwin were there and they discussed the upcoming Firefly reunion panel at Comic-Con, favourite moments on the show, who looks best naked, criticisms of Serenity and what they stole from the Firefly set.

July 06 2012

Adam Baldwin in web series Nerd Machine: Trailer Park Heroes Pt1. Cosplay creatures run amok and terrorize a trailer park outside of San Diego during Comic-Con International. More...

June 27 2012

Hollywood Reporter confirms 10th anniversary Firefly Panel at Comic-Con. Set for Ballroom 20 on Friday, July 13 from 12:30-1:30. Reports that Joss, Tim Minear, Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin, Sean Maher, Michael Fairman and the rest of the Serenity crew will be in attendance. More...

April 19 2012

Own a Replica Jaynestown Bust. This is being sold from Adam Baldwin's personal collection to raise money for The Gaddes Foundation. More...

April 16 2012

Adam Baldwin talks about guesting with Nathan Fillion on tonight's Castle! Another story about our old friends working together again.

April 15 2012

Adam Baldwin talks about his guest star role on Castle. HitFix (main link) and TVLine both talked to Adam about his character and what it was like to act with Nathan Fillion again. "It's like putting on an old, comfortable brown coat or a nice pair of comfortable combat boots." More...

March 28 2012

Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin reunite on Castle. Includes picture and Nathan and Adam talk a little about the episode and Firefly

March 01 2012

Firefly reunion on Castle as Adam Baldwin guest stars. Baldwin is set to guest star this spring as Detective Ethan Slaughter, "a rough and tumble cop from the city's gang unit who lands a case that Castle is desperate to follow". More...

February 12 2012

Recap of the Firefly panel at the Dallas SciFi Expo. Adam Baldwin, Jewel Staite, Sean Maher and Ron Glass were on the panel. On Sunday, Jewel tweeted this great pic of the four of them. Clips of the panel (plus one of Eliza chatting about Dollhouse at the Expo) can be found here.

December 04 2011

Adam Baldwin on guitar. The hero of Canton rockin out.

October 19 2011

TV Guide gives FB users a chance to vote for their Dec 12th cover. SMG'S 'Ringer' is in the running, and Adam Baldwin might make the cover if 'Chuck' were to win.

July 26 2011

Ausiello interviews Adam Baldwin and the cast of Chuck. Some spoilers if you are not caught up on the show.

July 25 2011

Video of the Nerd HQ Panel with Nathan Fillion. With an awesome introduction by the doubly awesome Zachary Levi and featuring a couple surprise appearances from some old friends. And, while you're at it, go give the charity behind it Operation Smile a look-see.

July 24 2011

Pics of Joss Whedon at Comic-Con. As the Comic-Con coverage starts to wind down, here's some pics of Joss with some cast members from his shows. First up is Joss with Nathan, followed by Joss and Adam Baldwin, then Joss with Eliza Dushku and finally Joss with Scott Allie and Tony Head (big spoilers if you haven't read Buffy Season 8). Oh and here's a solo pic of Joss.

July 21 2011

Adam Baldwin and Michelle Trachtenberg both on tonight's Love Bites episode. Looks like it's the last episode of the series.

July 12 2011

A conversation with the cast of Firefly. An event featuring Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin and Jewel Staite. It's being arranged by Nerd Machine and it's conveniently scheduled for Friday the 22nd of July in San Diego. Trying to get a hold of tickets seems to be a new sport.

May 13 2011

Chuck gets a fifth season. Good news for Adam Baldwin fans but it will be the final season.

May 11 2011

Adam Baldwin to appear at Polaris convention in Toronto this July. Fellow Whedonverse actors Armin Shimerman and Melinda Clarke will also be in attendance. In related news, Adam Baldwin and Nick Brendon will be at Phoenix Comicon May 26-29.

October 19 2010

Adam Baldwin's "Chuck" gets an eleven episode backorder. Which brings this season total to 24 episodes. In related US network news, the order for the second season of 'V' (which stars Morena Baccarin) has reportedly been cut from 13 to 10 episodes.

September 07 2010

Fall 2010 TV Premiere Schedule. The 2010 Fall schedule that includes many returning and new shows featuring our alumni. More...

July 21 2010

Whedonverse actors to provide voices for DC Universe Online. Adam Baldwin is voicing Superman, Gina Torres is Wonder Woman and James Marsters will be Lex Luthor.

July 12 2010

Adam Baldwin coming to Baltimore's Farpoint Convention in Feb. Adam Baldwin has been announced as a guest at Farpoint, which takes place just outside of Baltimore, MD on Feb 18-20, 2011.

June 29 2010

WB Announces TV Panels at SDCC. Adam Baldwin (Chuck) and Morena Baccarin (V) will be attending. More...

May 13 2010

Fan faves 'Chuck' and 'V' to return next season. So says the Hollywood Reporter's Livefeed as well as EW here and here. More...

May 03 2010

Adam Baldwin is number one with a bullet. IFmagazine talks to the actor about Season 3 of Chuck, guns, Stone Cold Steve Austin and 'Leverage'.

March 22 2010

RedEye's Best TV Character Tournament 2010. Candidate list includes the Whedonverse's own Adam Baldwin for Chuck and Neil Patrick Harris for How I Met Your Mother. More...

January 25 2010

Bid for a Jayne Little Damn Hero signed by Adam Baldwin. All proceeds go to The Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation.

January 11 2010

Chuck, starring Firefly and Angel alum Adam Baldwin, premieres strong. It is up a huge amount from last year's finale AND last year's premiere. Party time? More...

December 15 2009

Have you seen this two men? Badger and Cobb reunite.

December 10 2009

Mass Effect 2 voice cast video. Adam Baldwin, Michael Hogan, Seth Green and more announced to be in Mass Effect 2. More...
Mark Sheppard announces a guest star arc on Chuck. Reuniting Mark and Adam. No more details, other than his arc will start with the 12th episode, according to spoilertv. Chuck starts its 3rd season Jan 10th.

December 04 2009

Adam Baldwin discusses 'Chuck,' video games, and Chevy Chase. Nice interview in wherin Adam talks about work, charities, being a sci-fi icon, and kissing Zachery Levi.

November 20 2009

Adam Baldwin has joined Twitter. The Man they call has taken the plunge. Confirmed! More...

November 19 2009

"Chuck" returns January 10th. Adam Baldwin returns to our screens in a 2 hour premiere Sunday Jan. 10th.

September 29 2009

(SPOILER) 7 years after Firefly: Where are they now? Sci Fi Wire takes a look (minor spoilers for Summer's role on Dollhouse). More...

September 22 2009

Halo 3 ODST (featuring Firefly cast members) out this week. Certain members now take on their same roles in a new title.

August 02 2009

(SPOILER) Chuck Comic-Con Video featuring Adam Baldwin. Something good to watch. This is Adam Baldwin at Comic-Con for the Chuck TV Series panel. Also another video where he talks about Joss Whedon here. More...

July 26 2009

"My inner monologue when I grunt is Joss Whedon". Fab quote from Adam Baldwin at the Chuck panel. There was also some fun Firefly banter between him and Zachary Levi. Mildly spoilerish for the third season.

June 09 2009

The Jayne "Thrillin' Heroics" maquette prototype CSTS Auction. QMX have outdone themselves again by donating this to the LA CSTS screening for auction which is open to all including international bidders.

June 01 2009

Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk and Adam Baldwin voicing Halo 3: ODST. They can be heard in the game's first gameplay trailer.

May 22 2009

Great Deal on autographed Serenity Comics. I found a website that is blowing out it's supply of autographed Serenity Comic books. More...

May 19 2009

Chuck will be staying on Mondays at 8. But it won't be appearing until February. Click here to access the article if you live outside the US. More...

May 15 2009

First guests announced for Creation's Salute to Firefly and Serenity event. Adam Baldwin and Morena Baccarin will be attending the event in Los Angeles, CA on Nov 21-22, 2009. More...

May 02 2009

Adam Baldwin on the Save Firefly and Chuck campaigns. This interview with him (and Zachary Levi) was conducted at T1 last weekend.

April 30 2009

USA TODAY's 12th Annual Save Our Shows Survey results. Adam Baldwin's Chuck won with 54%. "But the most startling show of support came for ABC's Castle, which premiered last month to modest ratings: 39% want it back, fourth in the poll!". And in related news, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles wins E! Online's Save Our Show poll with Chuck and Dollhouse coming runners up.

April 28 2009

Dollhouse, Castle, & Chuck fans - wants your Save My Show Video. Make the case for why your favorite show... should return in the fall and your video might appear on More...

April 26 2009

The many faces of Adam Baldwin on Chuck, or at least the top 10 disguises. Number one is my favorite, but they are all great. Which one is your favorite?

April 19 2009

Adam Baldwin on the Ride 2 Recovery. Adam writes of his experience participating in the charity event in Texas.

February 26 2009

The man they call Jayne. Happy Birthday Adam Baldwin. More...

February 25 2009

Adam Baldwin will be at WonderCon. Signing autographs Saturday/Sunday and he will be on the Chuck panel on Sunday. Also, Summer Glau has been added to the Terminator panel (on Sunday as well).

February 02 2009

Adam Baldwin Discusses Random Roles With The AV Club. This includes his thoughts on why Firefly and Serenity weren't big hits. More...

January 31 2009

Adam Baldwin article in The New York Times. Discusses his career and working on Chuck.

January 26 2009

Adam Baldwin in 3D. Thanks to next week's episode of Chuck. More...

January 09 2009

Buddy TV Lists the 100 Best TV Episodes of 2008. Included are HIMYM, Chuck, Bones, T:TSCC, Dexter, Mad Men, Seth Green's My Name is Earl episode as well as American Dad, and Leverage.

November 18 2008

T1 Convention featuring Summer Glau - April 2009. If you live in dear old Blighty and fancy seeing the likes of Summer Glau, Adam Baldwin, Amy Acker, Felicia Day, Georges Jeanty, Jonathan Woodward and Clare Kramer then you might be interested in this upcoming Starfury event. More...

November 14 2008

Jayne as Michaelangelo's David. A sketch of Jayne Cobb posing as Michaelangelo’s David, includes Vera of course.

October 07 2008

"Chuck" Webisode featuring Adam Baldwin. John Casey in a Buy More instructional video.

September 24 2008

Original Jayne Hat now up for auction. The California Browncoats have put up for auction the actual hat worn by Adam Baldwin in the episode The Message. Proceeds go to Baldwin's charity of choice, the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation.

September 02 2008

Watch "Chuck" season 2 premiere a week early. Hulu will stream series premiere on Sept. 22nd, one week before its broadcast debut. More...

August 27 2008

NBC orders full season of "Chuck". The network is giving an early vote of confidence to "Chuck," picking up the back nine episodes of the sophomore series. The Adam Baldwin spy/comedy returns to the air on September 29th in the US.

June 12 2008

Getting THE INSIDE Out...on DVD! Showcasing the twisted mind of Tim Minear and the deadpan...deadpannity of Adam Baldwin, THE INSIDE was a unique crime drama canceled by Fox (surprise!) and not released on DVD (surprise!), leaving close to half the series unaired (surprise!). See what you can do to change that.
Nandi to visit Jayne Cobb, sort of. Melinda Clarke will meet Adam Baldwin again, when she guest stars in the second episode on the new season of "Chuck". More...

May 21 2008

Adam Baldwin Serenity Shirt on Ebay for Charity. Looks like this is the last and final shirt!

February 22 2008

Adam Baldwin added to Creation's Serenity Salute. He'll be appearing Sunday during the Nov. 22-23 event in Burbank, CA and joins Jewel Staite. More...

January 07 2008 has information and cover for DVD release of "Day Break". The ABC show featured Jeffrey Bell as its showrunner and included Adam Baldwin in the main cast, will see the complete series released in DVD on March 11th.

January 04 2008

Bid for Terrify'n Space Monkeys signed by the Firefly cast. The first Terrify'n Space Monkey bears Adam Baldwin's signature and proceeds will go to Kids Need To Read.

December 23 2007

Checking in with the gang from "Chuck". Televisionary's Jace finally posts his interview with Adam Baldwin, Zachary Levi, and Yvonne Strahovski from his set visit earlier this month. More...

November 26 2007

Chuck Gets A Full Season Pickup. NBC has ordered another nine episodes for Adam Baldwin's show. Great news - now all they need to do is resolve the writer's strike...
Adam Baldwin talks about "Chuck". "Firefly" and "Day Break" both get mentioned. More...

November 23 2007

The Faces of Halo. Three of our BDH's get recognized for their voice acting work in the smash hit Halo 3.

October 19 2007

(SPOILER) Mass Effect Voice Acting Videos Featuring Seth Green. Yet another high profile video game with one of our favorite actors in it! More...

October 15 2007

Adam Baldwin also in Halo 3. Along with Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk. More...

October 11 2007

More scripts ordered for "Chuck". Kristin of E!Online reports that three additional scripts have been ordered for "Chuck", along with orders for "Bionic Woman", "Cane" and "Journeyman". Nice to see the networks cautiously optimistic about these shows.

October 05 2007

(SPOILER) Marsters 'steals the show' in Doomsday. Nice review of Doomsday. Reviewer impressed with James Marsters' performance. (Review contains spoilers). More...

October 02 2007

On The Set Of "Chuck" Monday. Video of Adam Baldwin and the rest of the cast of Chuck in a morning interview on FOX. More...

September 25 2007

(SPOILER) Fall TV Fan Guide. AOL television does an interesting breakdown of some of the most interesting developments in our favorite shows, including the ones that some Jossverse stars will be in and stars from other fan faves. More...

September 24 2007

NBC's CHUCK Premieres tonight. Jayne fans across the globe can rejoice that Chuck, Adam Baldwin's new show starts tonight @ 8 on NBC. More...
SliceOfScifi has a poll for favorite Male Action Star. Two of our favorite Big Damn Heroes join the impressive competition. More...

September 18 2007

(SPOILER) Adam Baldwin talks about Superman / Doomsday DVD. And he has a few nice words about browncoats.

September 14 2007

Download pilot of "Chuck" (starring Adam Baldwin) from Amazon's Unbox for *free*! Downloads to your computer or straight to your TiVo. More...

August 29 2007

Chuck pilot available from Blockbuster on Tuesday. From September 4 until October 21, you can rent the NBC New Fall Preview DVD -- which includes the pilot of Adam Baldwin's new show -- for free, online or in stores.

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