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July 25 2012

Angel: After the Fall Slipcase Edition available for pre-order. Released in September. They are TPBs, so maybe no extras. It can be found cheaper on

November 25 2010

Angel: 'After the Fall' Premiere Edition Hardcover for 67% off. Amazon UK has the upcoming book, listed at 432 pages and collecting Issues 1-17, for 24.69. Update: The price is now 63.75.

September 22 2010

Master of the Whedonverse quiz nights. Are you the Master of the Whedonverse? Quiz nights starting this Saturday. More...

September 12 2010

"I Heart Wesley W-P" - blogging on Angel. While away your spare time by going through the back entries of this blog. Some very interesting thoughts to be had on Angel the series and After The Fall.

August 17 2009

Stephen Mooney at BICS 2009 in Birmingham, UK. The After the Fall artist joins Brian Talbot and many others from the world of comics at Millenium Point, October 3rd - 4th. More...

March 18 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #19. This is the second part of Kelley Armstrong's 'Aftermath' arc.

March 11 2009

Angel: After The Fall Vol 3 out today. Also getting released is the debut issue of John Byrne's mini-series 'Angel: Blood and Trenches'.

February 16 2009

Whedonverse comic book chart positions for January. Buffy #21 comes in at no 10 and Angel: After The Fall #16 takes 47th place. So pretty much the same as usual.

February 11 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel: After The Fall #17. All good things...

February 09 2009

(SPOILER) Alex Garner posts his cover for issue 17 of After the Fall on deviantart. And doesn't it look spiffy! More...

January 22 2009

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch's thoughts on After The Fall #16. If you haven't read the issue and don't want spoilers, don't read this.

January 21 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel: After the Fall #16. Brian Lynch says "It features my favorite scene in the entire series".

January 20 2009

Whedonverse comic book chart positions for December. Buffy #20 came in at no. 17 shifting an estimated 71,896 copies while Angel: After The Fall #15 took 64th place shifting an estimated 37,649 copies. More...

January 18 2009

Angel:After the Fall issue 16 confirmed for release this Wednesday. This is the penultimate issue of the 'After the Fall' arc-the tension is mounting up!

December 29 2008

Brian Lynch has finished Angel:After The Fall. "It was a long, fun, stressful, insanely rewarding road."

December 17 2008

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel: After The Fall #15. How will the huge cliffhanger from the last issue get resolved?

December 16 2008

(SPOILER) Angel: After The Fall #15 preview. have a five page (plus cover preview) of Angel #15 up to look at. More...

December 15 2008

Whedonverse comic book chart positions for November. Buffy season 8 re-enters the top ten with #19 taking eighth place. 'Angel: After The Fall' #14 comes in at no. 47 and is also the top selling book on the Independent Comic Books chart.

December 07 2008

(SPOILER) Cover for "Angel - After the Fall" #16. Alex Garner posts the cover for Angel: After the Fall #16 in his deviantArt gallery.

November 27 2008

ANGEL:ATF wins one of Wizard Magazine's Moments of the year. *That* last page of issue #3 is singled out for kudos.

November 19 2008

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel: After The Fall #14. The latest issue hits the stands today.

November 18 2008

(SPOILER) Details about IDW's Angelverse comics out in February. There's the conclusion to After The Fall, the start of Aftermath, Smile Time #2 and the Spike: After The Fall hardcover.
Whedonverse comic book chart positions for October. Buffy didn't come out last month but Angel: After The Fall and Spike: After The Fall entered the top 100 at nos. 66 and 88 respectively. ETA: Estimated sales figures available over at
Whedon Speak: 'Angel: After The Fall'. iFanboy evaluates the "season 6" comic book adventures of Angel.

November 16 2008

(SPOILER) Angel:After the Fall #14 five page preview. Preview for this Wednesday's issue.

October 29 2008

(SPOILER) Discuss Spike: After the Fall #4. The conclusion to the four issue mini-series is here.

October 27 2008

(SPOILER) Angel: After the Fall Issue 15 Cover. Alex Garner posts his cover for Issue 15 of Angel: After the Fall on Deviant Art.

October 22 2008

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel: After the Fall #13. Previously on Angel: "I'm ready to go". Find out what happened next.

October 12 2008

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch comments on finishing issue 15 of Angel:ATF at his blog. Brian drops some hints at what's coming in that issue. More...

September 15 2008

Whedonverse comic book chart positions for August. Buffy and Angel stay much the same as before, Spike takes a little bit of a tumble. More...

September 14 2008

(SPOILER) Spike: After the Fall #4 Finished! Brian Lynch's latest blog update includes cover art and a lightly spoilery description for the final chapter. Issue 3 should come out this week.

September 09 2008

Angel: After the Fall volume 2 HC released today! Courtesy of Brian Lynch. Looks gorgeous. More...

September 04 2008

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel: After The Fall #12. Brian Lynch promises us "a big, messy, violent, heartbreaking, funny, emotional treat".

August 19 2008

Comic books sales continue apace. Estimated sales figures have been released for July 2008, with strong results for Whedon books. Buffy Season 8 #16 sells 82,031 copies, maintaining its top ten position in 10th place; Angel: After the Fall #10 is 51st with 43,024 sold; Spike: After the Fall #1 sells 36,974 with a strong debut in 59th place. More...

August 13 2008

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel: After The Fall #11. Events come to a head, will Angel and co survive?

August 10 2008

Covers for Angel After The Fall #11. Brian shows us on his blog the final result for both no.11's covers. The variant is by Stephen Mooney.

August 06 2008

(SPOILER) For the discussion of Spike: After the Fall #2. The second issue of Spike's adventures in Hell-A arrives today! More...

August 05 2008

(SPOILER) Chris Ryall posts Angel:After the Fall #12 preview page by artist Stephen Mooney. Mooney will be taking over artistic duties for Issues 12 and 13. More...

July 31 2008

(SPOILER) Comics Continuum has IDW 'After the Fall' solicitations for October. The 'lucky' 13th issue of the Angel and the final issue of the Spike arrive this month.

July 29 2008

More info on IDW's post 'Angel: After The Fall' storyline. As of #17, the title will become 'Angel: Aftermath' with fantasy author Kelley Armstrong joining the writing team. And industry legend John Byrne will be presenting 'Angel: Blood and Trenches', a standalone mini-series set in World War One. More...

July 26 2008

(SPOILER) IDW releases cover art for Angel and Spike comics. As part of their San Diego Comicon coverage, CBR has some (as far as I can see) unreleased covers for both Angel: After The Fall and Spike: After The Fall. There's also some exciting announcements regarding future Angel comics. More...

July 16 2008

(SPOILER) Spike:After the Fall #1 and Angel:After the Fall Volume 1 Hardcover released today. Let us know what you think of the Spike prequel, and the Angel collected:)

July 12 2008

(SPOILER) First look at Spike: After The Fall #1. Newsarama has a five page preview of Spike's adventures in hell.

July 02 2008

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel: After The Fall #10. What next for the Fang Gang? More...

June 30 2008

(SPOILER) The second cover for Angel:ATF #12 has been released. It's the Alex Garner cover.Like the Nick Runge cover that was released earlier in the month,it's spoilerish. More...
Reminder: Buffy #16 and Angel #10 ship this week. According to Previews.

June 18 2008

(SPOILER) Preview for today's release of Angel: After The Fall #9. The main story resumes after the First Night interlude. Come tell us what you thought of the issue.

June 17 2008

Angel: After the Fall #9 out Wednesday. Just a heads up.
(SPOILER) Angel After The Fall #12 Runge cover. Found this link over on IDW forums. Thought I'd share. Warning though. Disturbing image and spoilers.

June 16 2008

May 2008 comics sales charts are released. Joss' books do very well, and Season 8 tops the trade paperback charts. More...

June 10 2008

(SPOILER) Five page preview for Angel: After The Fall #8. This issue comes out tomorrow and then issue 9 will be out in a fortnight (or maybe even next week).

June 09 2008

Angel: After the Fall #8 ships this week! According to Diamond's shipping list.

June 06 2008

(SPOILER) First photos of the Angel:After the Fall volume 1 hardcover collection. Once again courtesy of Mr Brian Lynch.It looks amazing.

June 02 2008

Angel: After The Fall #10 to get Comic Con variant cover. According to the Previews press release, it'll be a "wraparound cover with gold foil enhancements. Plus, every copy comes signed by artist Alex Garner! Limited to 2,500 pieces.".

June 01 2008

Details about the first 'Angel: After The Fall' hardcover. Brian Lynch spills the beans.

May 23 2008

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch answers more ATF questions. It is the second part of the podcast. Includes Brian's favourites in several categories and spoilers about two certain blondes. More...

May 21 2008

Angel: After the Fall #1 [Director's Cut] released today. A special features packed re-issue of the 1st issue,with corrections,script and writers notes. Should be interesting. Newsarama has a 5 page preview of the issue which includes a look at the script.

May 19 2008

(SPOILER) Cover art and info for IDW's After The Fall comic books in August. The Angel cover is incredibly good and the Spike one is a fun nod to a previous issue.

May 18 2008

(SPOILER) has exclusive photo incentive covers for Angel #9 and Spike #1. The Spike cover can be found here.

May 07 2008

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel: After The Fall #7. The 'First Night' interlude continues as we find out more about what happened after 'Not Fade Away'. And preview pages for this issue can be found over at Newsarama.

May 05 2008

Buffy #14 and Angel #7 ship this week. Double-dose of the 'verse!

April 20 2008

Bid for 'Angel: After The Fall' comics signed by Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch. Some of the proceeds will go towards Equality Now.

April 11 2008

(SPOILER) The Flip, the Flail and the Flounce: When Fandom Implodes. Merlin Missy takes a humorous look at fandom. "This essay contains spoilers of Torchwood S2, episode one of S4 Doctor Who, episode one of S4 Battlestar Galactica, and Issue 12 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8".

April 06 2008

(SPOILER) Info and cover art for IDW's After The Fall comic books in July. Comics Continuum has the details for Angel: After The Fall #10 and Spike: After The Fall #1.

April 02 2008

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel: After The Fall #6. The start of the First Night interlude, find out what happened on the night of Not Fade Away.
The top ten things we'd like to see in Buffy and Angel comics. IFMagazine has a list of Buffyverse characters that they'd like to see appear in Buffy Season 8 and Angel: After The Fall.

March 31 2008

Double dose of the 'verse: Buffy #13 and Angel: ATF #6 ship this week! According to Diamond's shipping list.

March 27 2008

(SPOILER) Alex Garner's cover for 'Angel: After the Fall' #10 revealed. In Brian Lynch's Myspace blog. More...

March 21 2008

(SPOILER) Another round of Q-and-A with Brian Lynch. Brian once again opens the floor for questions about his projects, including Angel: After The Fall, Spike: After The Fall, and Everybody's Dead. Spoilers are certain to abound in the questions.

March 19 2008

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel: After The Fall #5. Big cliffhanger? No doubt. Stunning revelations? More than likely. So come and tell us what you thought of the latest chapter of Angel's adventures. More...

March 17 2008

(SPOILER) Preview page for Angel:After The Fall #5. This issue is out this week along with Brian Lynch's other series "Everybody's Dead".
Whedonverse comic book chart positions for February. The Buffyverse comics continue their solid performance, Buffy #11 was 14th and Angel: After The Fall #4 was 37th. Joss' penultimate issue of Runaways came in at no. 55.
(SPOILER) Cover art and info for 'Angel: After The Fall' #8 and #9. These issues will be out in June along with the first hardcover collection of the series.

March 11 2008

(SPOILER) Spike:After the Fall-coming in July from IDW! A 4 issue spin-off of Angel:After the Fall from Lynch,Whedon and Urru. More...

February 23 2008

(SPOILER) 'Angel: After The Fall ' #1 Director's Cut Edition out in May. It'll have "Brian Lynch's complete script and his writer's annotations". IDW have also released plot info for issue 7 as well. And if that doesn't whet your appetite, then pop over to SlayAlive to have a look at the fan-inspired limited edition covers for issues 6 and 7.

February 18 2008

Angel: After The Fall # 4 out this week (kinda). The latest Lying in the Gutter column says the issue "has been severely allocated to comic stores served by Diamond's Pittsburgh distribution centre." The good news is "more copies will be on their way".
Whedonverse comic book chart positions for January. Astonishing X-Men #24 took 5th place, Buffy #10 came in at no. 15 and Angel: After The Fall #3 was at no. 38. ETA: Estimated sales figures are now available.

February 12 2008

(SPOILER) IDW's Chris Ryall posts more pages and info for Angel: After the Fall 'First Night'. Two excellent new images from this story within a story event. More...

February 10 2008

(SPOILER) Gorgeous Wesley artwork from 'Angel: After The Fall'. This preview page is from Wesley's 'First Night' tale. It's really good.

February 02 2008

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch answers your Angel questions-Part 2. Brian answers more questions in a podcast available at his blog. More...

January 27 2008

A Year in the Back of the Catalog. A look at the top-sellers of the smaller comic book companies. Guess which single issue was the best seller of 2007? Hint: it happened in November. More...

January 23 2008

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch Answers More Questions About Angel: After The Fall. In a humorous and informative podcast from his Myspace page. More...

January 21 2008

Whedonverse comic book chart positions for December. Buffy #9 took 12th place and Angel: After The Fall #2 came in at no. 52 (ETA: Estimated figures for how many copies got shipped are now available).

January 20 2008

Angel: After the Fall exclusive #5 cover. The BCC exclusive cover that features two very powerful women. More...
(SPOILER) Angel: After the Fall #6 solicitation is out. This is the beginning of the First Night issues. More...

January 17 2008

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch opens the floor again for "Angel: After The Fall" questions. Big spoilers for anyone not caught up through ATF #3 in the questions that have already been asked. More...

January 16 2008

(SPOILER) Discussion for Angel: After the Fall #3. So we can all geek out over the fabulous new issue! More...

January 14 2008

Angel: After the Fall #3 shipping this week. Along with 3rd printing of #1 and 2nd printing of #2. More...

January 11 2008

TVSquad suggests 8 books about TV, including "Bite Me!", "The Long Way Home," and "After the Fall." Three of eight ain't bad. More...

January 09 2008

AICN Comics' review of Angel: After the Fall #2. Story: Great!! Artwork: Not so much.
(SPOILER) Joss Whedon's comic books in 2008. Wizard Magazine gives us a brief rundown of what to expect from upcoming issues of Buffy season 8, Serenity: Better Days and Angel: After The Fall.

January 08 2008

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch answers more questions about "Angel: After the Fall" and other stuff. On his Myspace, and in stereo (where available). More...

January 03 2008

Best futures of 2007 - Angel: After The Fall. The post-apocalyptic adventures of Angel and co in Los Angeles gets included in this article about tomorrows that "give us the "I want to be there" zoom". More...

January 01 2008

Fans will buy the comics if the stories matter. Marc-Oliver Frisch over at The Beat analyses the impressive sales figures for Buffy #8 and Angel: After The Fall #1. More...

December 24 2007

(SPOILER) reviews Angel:After the Fall#2. "This book takes just about everything that was great about the show and gives us fans exactly what we wanted: More." More...

December 21 2007

Insanely Rare AFTER THE FALL Issue 1 Cover Being Auctioned! There are only 200 of these, and this is the only one signed by Brian Lynch!
(SPOILER) Angel After the Fall Interaction: Issue 4 winner announced. Time & Space Toys interactive cover experience coninues, with Irish artist Stephen Mooney providing the cover for the winning entrant. More...

December 19 2007

(SPOILER) Angel: After the Fall #2 Reviewed. This will also be our discussion thread for the second issue of Brian Lynch and co.'s continuing adventures of the Fang Gang. More...
(SPOILER) Cover art and info for 'Angel: After The Fall' #5. This issue will be out in March.

December 14 2007

Whedonverse comic book chart positions for the month of November. Astonishing X-Men #23 came second, Buffy #8 took 10th place and 'Angel: After The Fall' #1 came in at no. 41 on Diamond's Direct Market Sales Charts. ETA: And the estimated sales figures can be found over at More...

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