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June 23 2010

(SPOILER) For the discussion of Angel Aftermath #34. Talk as things heat up in the Hyperion and as things behind the scenes progressively get weirder. More...

June 17 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #22. The conclusion to Kelley Armstrong's "Aftermath" arc is out today.

June 13 2009

(SPOILER) Five page preview for Angel #22. It'll be out next week.

May 13 2009

(SPOILER) First look at Angel #21. This'll be out next week.

April 22 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #20. This is the third part of Kelley Armstrong's 'Aftermath' arc.

February 26 2009

(SPOILER) Ask Kelley Armstrong courtesy of BuffyFest. "Angel: Aftermath is available in stores today and we want to give a big welcome to Kelley Armstrong. We're interviewing Kelley this week and thought it would be a great idea to include fan questions, as well."

January 29 2009

(SPOILER) Angel #21 cover from start to finish. Chris Ryall gives us a look at Gabriel Rodriguez's new cover for Angel: Aftermath #21 in three different stages of development (pencils, inks, and coloring).

November 28 2008

(SPOILER) Cover for Angel #18. Previews gives us the cover to the first issue of "Aftermath."

November 18 2008

(SPOILER) Details about IDW's Angelverse comics out in February. There's the conclusion to After The Fall, the start of Aftermath, Smile Time #2 and the Spike: After The Fall hardcover.

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