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August 08 2008

Alan Tudyk hosts Secret's Out. Alan shares his DVD picks and interviews a former co-star. Alan and Nathan Fillion discuss Slither, Waitress, Dr. Horrible and a tv series/film they worked on together. Alan also asks Nathan the question that often lands Firefly actors in trouble.

May 03 2007

Alan Tudyk gets a guest stint in "Don't Quit Your Night Job". Called a "late night happening of music, comedy and improvisation features a revolving company of Broadway's brightest new stars." It begins its offical run May 17th in New York at the HA! Comedy Club. More...

August 14 2006

TNT kicks off its Dramavision with 'Into the West'. Fans can watch the entire six-part series, as well as extensive behind-the-scenes content. The mini-series which features Alan Tudyk and Christian Kane can be seen at, starting Aug 15th.

June 16 2006

Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk talks at LFCC announced. Nathan and Alan to do two separate half hour talks at this year's London Film and Comic Convention. More...

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