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May 18 2006

(SPOILER) Amy Acker talks Alias. Another convention report from SyFy Portal, this time round she chats about her character Peyton. There's some lovely anecdotes about being told "try and be like Fred in this part" for one particular Alias episode and her audition process as well.

April 26 2006

(SPOILER) Tonight's 100th episode of Alias written by Drew Goddard. Whedonverse actors also appear in tonight's episode. More...

April 19 2006

(SPOILER) TV clips from tonight's Alias featuring Amy Acker. Alias returns tonight(wednesday) at 8 pm with Amy Acker in the opening credits. More...

April 09 2006

Drew Goddard to co-write Alias finale. This two hour episode should air on May 22nd.

February 28 2006

Alias returns in April for its final season as Amy Acker becomes a regular. Also it returns a couple episodes short, having been cut from 22 episodes to 17 in its final season. When it returns we should see Amy Acker with main cast credit in the final 8 episodes.

February 07 2006

(SPOILER) Drew Goddard writing Alias' 100th episode. Air date currently unknown. More...

February 03 2006

(SPOILER) James Marsters and Gina Torres say 'More, Please'. Both Whedonverse actors are set to reappear in their respective series in upcoming weeks (or eventually, as the case may be). (Additional character spoilers for both shows; no plot info). More...

January 25 2006

(SPOILER) Amy Acker made an Alias regular. She tells SciFi Wire that "They just made me a regular, so I should be there for the rest [of the season's episodes]".

January 07 2006

The results of E! Online's 2006 Save One Show Poll. Various shows, which have Buffyverse alums starring in them, make the list.

December 30 2005

Mention of Amy Acker in TV Guide's "Watercooler." Spoilers for Lost, Veronica Mars, and Supernatural for people outside the US. More...

December 22 2005

(SPOILER) How 'Alias' might live on. A spinoff featuring Amy Acker has been discussed by the show's creators.

November 24 2005

That's it over for Alias. The show which has Jeffrey Bell, Drew Goddard and Amy Acker working on it will wrap its five year run at the end of this season.

November 01 2005

(SPOILER) Some new pictures of Amy Acker on Alias. These are for the episode "Solo" which airs on November 10th. She'll be in "Fait Accompli" on the 17th. Also, WB is showing a repeat of Amy's episode of Supernatural tonight at 9. More...

October 25 2005

(SPOILER) Jeffrey Bell writing/directing episode 6 of Alias S5. The episode is titled "Solo" and has Amy Acker as a guest star. Also, Alias Season 4 came out on DVD today and it features Bell and Goddard on commentary together.

October 17 2005

Amy Acker talks "Alias". Amy Acker talks about her now recurring (7 to 9 episodes, possibly more) role on Alias this season. Also talks about Jeff Bell, Tim Minear and other former Buffyverse crew.

October 07 2005

A Buffy/Alias comparison in Ask Matt column. In the third paragraph, a reader compares J.J. Abrams to Joss Whedon, and Matt Roush compares watching the final season of Alias to watching the final season of Buffy. More...

September 28 2005

Promo photos of Amy Acker on Alias. has 2 pictures from Alias 5x03 featuring our very own Amy. Also if you missed her episode of Supernatural then you can catch it again Sunday at 5 pm.

September 26 2005

(SPOILER) ABC releases early info on first Alias episode featuring Amy Acker. She'll play a character named Kelly Peyton. The link contains spoilers for Alias.

September 20 2005

Amy Acker to guest on Alias. The stint is for at least two episodes, but Kristin at E! hopes that maybe it will be for more. I second it. More...

September 12 2005

Amy Acker to guest on 'Alias'? According to a news item over at Hellmouth Central, Andy Hallett told SlayerCon attendees that Amy had just finished shooting a guest spot for the show.

September 04 2005

Drew Goddard penned Ep 4 of Alias Season 5. It's titled "Mockingbird".

August 11 2005

"The Inside"'s Rachel Nichols To Keep "Alias" Going? According to The Insider, Nichols is being looked at to become the show's star from season 6 onward. More...

May 18 2005

Jeffrey Bell wrote and directed tonight's Alias. Well at least the first half, titled "The Descent". Part of a 2 hour broadcast. His last installment for this season.

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