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September 24 2015

Patton Oswalt's Night Cafe and the script that changed Joss Whedon forever. An interesting look at the impact of Alien Resurrection.

June 24 2014

A review of 8 movies where Joss was a script doctor. No surprises, except perhaps the last one.

March 07 2011

Alien Resurrection - the unproduced script that shaped Joss' career. Time for another reevaluation?

November 23 2010

Television Without Pity considers which of Joss' work is better suited for a reboot. Dollhouse, Alien Resurrection, Titan A.E., Speed and Roseanne all get a mention.

October 27 2010

Five days with the Alien Anthology: Day Four. In light of the recent Blu-Ray release, Bleeding Cool revisits Joss' Alien: Resurrection and calls it "the secret weapon of the series."

August 18 2010

Down In Front provides audio commentary for Alien Resurrection. Last month, the podcast tackled this cinematic "head scratch". Accomplished film makers Teague Chrystie, Michael "Dorkman" Scott, Matt Vayda and Eddie Doty discuss Joss at length here, especially his greatness, despite this movie. NSFW. More...

May 24 2006

"I'm writing in drag." Great Joss interview conducted by SF Said which covers gender issues, Buffy the icon, Alien Resurrection and Firefly. More...

October 02 2005

(SPOILER) Or was it really about 'Alien: Resurrection' after all? Javier Grillo-Marxuach, supervising producer and writer at 'Lost', shares his thoughts in this leftfield look at Serenity.

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