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June 29 2009

How I Met Your Mother Returning in September. Though shooting starts pretty late on this, the fifth season starts September 21st.

June 11 2007

Veronica Mars really is of a deadness most dead. Save your Mars bars - or eat them for comfort. Joss loved it, and appeared in it to yell at Stacy who works at Lariat, we loved the feisty noir-ness of it all, whedon-verse alumni variously appeared, and now and finally the Ausiello Report tells us to hope no longer. More...

April 13 2007

"Veronica Mars" emerges victorious from E!'s Save One Show. For the first time ever not one but two shows get SOS love and "Veronica Mars" is one of them.

September 21 2006

CBS is holding Karaoke contests for a walk on role on Aly's show. CBS announced the launch of a nationwide karaoke contest tied to the hit comedy. During Sept., they are holding the contests in 9 major markets across the U.S. The winner of the final contest in LA will receive a walk-on role. More...

September 19 2005

Robert Bianco digs 'Bones'. "As [Emily Deschanel's] "buttoned-down" partner with "buckets of sexual confidence," Boreanaz is leaner than he was in his Angel days but even more assured and amusing." More...

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