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October 22 2012

Summer Glau to live tweet the Alphas Season Finale. Via the show's official twitter handle @AlphasSyfy. The fun starts Monday night at 8/7c.

October 20 2012

Summer Glau talks Alphas' big Season 2 finale. Plus, the actress comments on Joss Whedon's S.H.I.E.L.D. series and ten years of Firefly.

August 27 2012

(SPOILER) Summer Glau guest stars on Alphas tonight. She guest stars in tonight's episode, "Alphaville" at 8/7c on Syfy and will be back in the last two episodes of the season, which air in October.

August 24 2012

(SPOILER) Summer Glau - An Extraordinary Summer. A discussion with Summer Glau about her return to the second season of SyFy's Alphas as well as tidbits about her past as a tv actor. Contains slight spoilers for the Alphas episode "Alphavile", premiering this Monday at 8pm ET on SyFy.

August 19 2011

'Alphas' promo pics featuring Summer Glau. Her episode is set to premier this Monday at 10pm EDT.

July 23 2011

Summer Glau to guest on 'Alphas'. The news was revealed at the show's Comic-Con panel.

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