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March 09 2014

It's Joss Whedon Week at Amazon. There's offers on Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse DVDs and Blu-rays.

March 10 2013's Deal of the Week - Whedonverse shows and movie. There's big reductions on Firefly, Dollhouse, the complete Buffy and Angel boxsets and the Buffy movie.

November 01 2012's Gold Box Deal of the Day - Big discounts on Joss Whedon classics. There's some good bargains to be had here. Just in time for the holiday season too.

October 07 2010

Angel Collector's Set is's Gold Box Deal of the Day. If you have not picked up the complete series for yourself or a loved one yet, has it on sale for today only.

April 07 2010

The Complete DVD collection of Angel on sale at Amazon UK. Not that long ago, you had tha chance to get the BtVS set, now you can complete your Buffyverse collection with the Region 2 DVD box set containing all 5 seasons of Angel, which has been included in this week's Amazon's special offers and till Sunday is thus sold with a discount of 64% for £49.97 (approx. 57€).

March 19 2010

Amazon sale: Up to 53% off on Whedon shows. Sale ends March 22. Includes Buffy, Angel, and Dollhouse S1, as well as Tru Calling for Eliza enthusiasts. There will also be a Gold Box Lightning Deal on "a favorite from Joss Whedon!" today (i.e. Saturday) at 10 am PDT. ETA: It's the Angel Complete Box Set going for $54.

March 02 2010

The Complete DVD Collection of Buffy on sale at Amazon UK. The Region 2 DVD box set containing all seven seasons of Buffy is now available for £50.97 (72% discount) as part of Amazon's current "deals of the of the week" special offers.

January 16 2010

Dollhouse Season 1 DVD and Blu-ray is Amazon's Deal of the Day. That's $17.99 for the DVD and $25.49 for the Blu-ray.

October 16 2009

Dr. Horrible (somewhat) finally, officially available in Germany. now lists it (with a release date of Oct. 8, 2009). So for those in the de, at and ch areas, who didn't already order it via the U.S. site, here's your chance.

September 07 2009

Amazon has pulled the Dollhouse DVD. Per the website, "...customers have told us there may be something wrong with our inventory of the item, the way we are shipping it, or the way it's described here." The Amazon Marketplace sellers are still selling it. ETA: The DVD is now back on sale. More...

June 08 2009

Firefly on Blu-ray on sale for today only! Amazon's deal of the day is Firefly: The Complete series on Blu-ray for $39.99. That's 56% off!

April 05 2009

Dollhouse Season One Blu-Ray is up for pre-order at Amazon. When more info is available on what it'll have, that info will most likely be here.

February 10 2009

Amazon "Wild about Whedon" Sale. Unfortunately, no "Complete Series" collections (albeit Firefly and Tru Calling). More...

December 21 2008

Dr. Horrible now available with Amazon Video On Demand. Another format now available for $4.99. More...

December 18 2008

Amazon/CreateSpace press release for the Dr. Horrible DVD and CD. If you want to know why Joss chose this particular distribution model then this press release is a must-read.

December 12 2008

The Angel Series Box Set is Amazon's Deal of the Day. All 5 seasons for about 50 bucks with free shipping by Christmas. An amazing deal.

November 21 2008

Buffy the Complete Series for $69.99! Amazon's Gold Box deal of the day prices the chosen collection at a pretty good price-- just in time for the holidays!

September 29 2008

Dr Horrible Soundtrack now on Amazon MP3. If for some reason you can't play AAC files, it is in MP3 format. Duh. More...

May 02 2008

Firefly's Blu-Ray Debut Up For Pre Order. Amazon's selling it for $62.95.

April 01 2008

Buffy, Firefly, and Angel 50% off at Amazon. Get the Buffy Chosen Collection for $100, Firefly Complete Series for $25, or Angel Complete Collection for $70 as part of Amazon's sale on sci-fi television. More...

March 12 2008

BTVS Collector's Set $99.99 at The set was a bit cheaper in November, but still a good buy. The Angel Collector's Set is currently $69.99. Also on sale are individual seasons of both series.

January 06 2008 lists Firefly Series on Blu-ray Disc. Looks like Firefly the series may get the full high definition experience for home users of the Blu-ray format. More...

May 22 2007

Buffy and Angel Season 2 Slim Sets for $17.99 at Amazon. Also Tru Calling Season 2 for $12.14. Amazon follows up on last week's Season 1 sale.

May 15 2007

Angel Season One on sale for $17.99 at Amazon. Season one of Buffy is also listed as being on sale for $17.99, along with Season one of Tru Calling at $26.99. More...

March 23 2007

Done the Impossible folks donate $5000 to Equality Now! From the site "Thanks to and in the name of Browncoats around the world who purchased our DVD, Done The Impossible has donated $5,000 to Equality Now." Also, the DVD reached the rank of 259 on Amazon. Not too shabby. More...

March 03 2006

"Firefly" DVD price has dropped. As part of their "up to 50% off" sale of television series DVDs, (US) has just lowered the price of "Firefly" to $24.96, a savings of about $10 off their usual price. More...

December 18 2005

Check out the Serenity Amazon Ranking Tracker. Haken from has quietly added a Serenity Tracker in addition to the one he made for Firefly. More...

October 05 2005

Pre-order Firefly soundtrack at This is a Whedonesque Amazon Associates link. If you click on it and end up ordering something at Amazon, we will receive a percentage. We don't usually post associate links, but it's a special occasion... More...

September 22 2005

Firefly DVDs back in the top ten at Amazon. Currently at #8, against some tough competition.

September 07 2005

Joss Whedon DVD sale at I'm curious how Universal got 20th Century Fox to cut their DVD prices in half. I'm not complaining though! More...

July 05 2005

Firefly Hits number 2 on Amazon Daily Sales Rankings. According to Hakenís wonderful Firefly DVD page, Firefly has reached #2 today. Can #1 be far behind?

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