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February 13 2011

Amber Benson's book signing tour. "Serpent's Storm," the third installment of Amber's Calliope Reaper-Jones series, comes out next Tuesday. More...

June 24 2009

Video of Amber Benson's Q&A from Challengers Comics, Chicago. The questions and answers were part of a signing for "Death's Daughter." Thanks to Tim for the link!

February 25 2009

Cool interview with Amber Benson. She talks about her new book, "Death's Daughter". Enjoy!

July 12 2008

Amber Benson goes to Hell(boy). As a tie-in with the new film, Amber has written a short story for the Hellboy: Oddest Jobs anthology book, edited by former Buffy novelist Christopher Golden. More...

June 01 2008

Amber Benson filming 'Another Harvest Moon' this month in Pennsylvania. Another Harvest Moon, to be shot starting this month in central Pennsylvania, is being headlined by Ernest Borgnine. Amber is mentioned as being part of the cast.

April 15 2008

Kiss the Bride - Trailer and stills, includes Amber Benson. Movie synopsis, trailer, and production stills. Amber, as ever, looks amazing.

December 17 2005

New Amber Benson interview at Great new interview with the ever lovely Ms Benson. More...

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