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June 06 2017

Amber Benson to star in 'The Nightmare Gallery'. It's written and produced by a fellow Whedonesque poster. There's a Kickstarter and official website if you're interested in learning more.

March 16 2017

Amber Benson co-writes new comic book based on the '90s film Clueless. I was, like, totally buggin'.

March 11 2017

Amber Benson takes the Spike vs. Angel question somewhere dirty. This is the AV Club's 11 Questions with Amber. She talks about how much fun she had filming the musical and gives lots of love to Dawn and Spike.

January 05 2015

Amber Benson's AMA on Reddit. Promotion for 'The Witches of Echo Park' but there were plenty of questions about BTVS. And some highlights can be found here.

December 31 2014

Amber Benson to sign her new book 'The Witches of Echo Park'. The event will be held in New York City, January 11th.

October 22 2014

A Trailer for 'Morganville: The Series' (featuring Amber Benson). The web-series will premiere on October 27th, on Felicia Day's Geek & Sundry YouTube network. More...

April 08 2014

Geek & Sundry adds Amber Benson's new show 'Morganville: The Series'. The digital media firm announced Monday the start of principal photography in Texas on Morganville: The Series, a web series based on the Morganville Vampires novels by Rachel Caine. Amber Benson stars as the founder of Morganville.

July 30 2013

Amber Benson talks Buffy and her new book series. On being a role model for young people exploring their sexuality, Amber says "I very much feel like Alyson and I really got to knock on the glass ceiling, and say "Screw you glass ceiling, we are going to knock you down."".

May 08 2013

Tom Lenk and Amber Benson to attend LeakyCon. The event will be held at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland from June 27 to 30.

January 24 2013

Dust Up's Ward Roberts and Amber Benson interview. Amber Benson and Ward Roberts discuss their new film Dust Up on Huffington Post.

January 19 2013

Amber Benson interviewed by Patrick Rothfuss. Topics touched upon include "Authorship, Indie Film and Erotica".

January 18 2013

The Nerdist podcast interviews Amber Benson. In this interview she discusses her writing process and selling interesting things on E-Bay.

November 21 2012

Geek Nation talks with Amber Benson about her new film, Dust Up. Amber and Ward Roberts discuss the film on Five by Five. More...

October 18 2012

Amber Benson interview on Dust Up and Buffy. She talks about her movie career, Buffy experience, interacting with fans, Shakespeare readings at Joss' house and much more.

September 28 2012

Win Dinner with Amber Benson! Amber Benson is going to be attending the Boston-area screening of her new film Dust Up. Not only will she be doing a Q & A after the screening, but one lucky winner will get to dine with Amber before the screening. More...

September 04 2012

Amber Benson to appear on tonight's episode of The Story Board (8pm PDT). Amber will be one of the guests tonight on Geek & Sundry's Tuesday Night Hangout: The Story Board discussing creating characters with Patrick Rothfuss, Bradley Beaulieu, and Mary Robinette Kowal. You can watch it live at

August 31 2012

Cool new poster for Dust Up, starring Amber Benson. Ain't It Cool News has the exclusive.

August 15 2012

Watch Joss Whedon in the premiere of Husbands Season Two. There's a bit of swearing (and Amber Benson, Emma Caulfield, Dichen Lachman, and Felicia Day as well).

July 28 2012

Learn to act from Tara! Amber Benson is scheduled to teach a two-day workshop on acting; cost is $250, plus Dragon*Con membership, and is limited to 20 participants.

June 30 2012

Amber Benson and Adam Busch are guests on The Nerdist Writers Panel. The podcast features a discussion with Javier Grillo-Marxuach, with Amber Benson, Adam Busch, and Edmund Lupinski joining in at about 26:00 to discuss the short film, "Reverse Parthenogenesis".

June 29 2012

Joss Whedon on Espenson & Bell's "Husband" series.' In an article posted on, Joss discusses the web series created by Jane Espenson and Brad Bell. More...
Amber Benson plays 'Gloom' on Tabletop. Amber weaves the morbid tale of the Blackwater Clan as part of the death and suffering-centric cardgame Gloom with Tabletop host Wil Wheaton. More...

June 28 2012

(SPOILER) EW interviews Jane Espenson about Season 2 of " Husbands". The article also features behind-the-scenes pictures with the cast and some of the guest stars from the new season.

June 27 2012

10 badass LGBTQ characters from television. Tara features on the list.

June 17 2012

Clare Kramer interviews Amber Benson. Not so much this but more of a fun five minute chat.

May 16 2012

Amber Benson joins Sierra Zulu. She will star alongside Jeff "Blue Glove" Ricketts in monochrom's new feature film project exploring "the perspectives of people who live more or less on the fringes of what we would call 'history' or 'the world'". More...

May 12 2012

See Amber Benson in the Geek and Sundry writer's panel. For those of us who missed it the first time around, this segment of Felicia Day's 12 hour subscribathon for her youtube channel is now online! More...

May 02 2012

'Reverse Parthenogenesis' is now online. Javier Grillo-Marxauch's short film starring Amber Benson and Adam Busch is now online.

April 05 2012

"Reverse Parthenogenesis" screening with Amber Benson and Adam Busch. Javier Grillo-Marxuach is screening his film, Reverse Parthenogenesis, in LA on April 23 and stars Amber Benson and Adam Busch will be there to meet and greet.

April 03 2012

Amber Benson turns a page with 'How to Be Death'. Interview with Amber about her new book. There is also an adorable video of her reading the first chapter.

March 01 2012

Amber Benson to appear this Friday at Midtown Comics' Grand Central NY location. She will be attending a launch party for her newest book 'How to be Death'.

February 29 2012

Amber Benson joins Dark Shadows audio drama. Big Finish have announced that Amber Benson will feature in their Dark Shadows audio story, "Dress me in Dark Dreams".

February 27 2012

Amber Benson to appear this Tuesday at Mysterious Galaxy in Redondo Beach, CA. She will be attending a launch party for her newest book 'How to be Death'.

February 21 2012

Amber Benson returns to the Once and Future Podcast. Anton Strout speaks to Amber about her new book, How To Be Death. They also discuss why some people watching Buffy were Tara Haters, what "bonnet rippers" are, why traveling cross country by train blows, and bathrooms. Plus a chance to win a full set of the Calliope Reaper-Jones series!

February 02 2012

Trailer for 'Reverse Parthenogenesis' starring Amber Benson and Adam Busch. The short film is written and directed by Javier Grillo-Marxuach.

February 01 2012

Amber Benson and Adam Busch's Drones is available on Instant Netflix. I'm not sure when this happened but Drones is now available for instant viewing on Netflix (at least in the U.S.)! More...

November 22 2011

(SPOILER) First look at Amber Benson on 'Ringer'. Her episode airs on the 29th.

November 07 2011

A Hallowhedon 3 convention report. Charisma Carpenter, Tony Head, Phina Oruche, Amber Benson and Adam Busch were at the UK con and there's some good tidbits to be had from the Q&As. And if you're interested you can buy artprints from the event at under the floorboards.

October 11 2011

Amber Benson to appear this Friday at Mysterious Galaxy in Redondo Beach, CA. She will be signing her newest book, 'Serpent's Storm'.

October 06 2011

Amber Benson to appear on Ringer. She will be in episode 10 playing a stripper who is a informant for Agent Machado .

July 11 2011

Music video for Amber Benson's new movie 'Dust Up'. It's by Spindrift and if you like Westerns then you're in for a treat.

June 02 2011

Amber Benson remixes 'Under Your Spell'. She did it to thank fans for posting 'Cat's Claw' reviews on Amazon.

April 26 2011

(SPOILER) Supernatural clip starring Amber Benson. "Mommy Dearest" airs Friday at 9/8c on The CW!

April 11 2011

Amber Benson reads a sex scene. And it's freakin' hilarious!

March 24 2011

Amber Benson and the "Another Harvest Moon" cast talk about the film. An amazing cast, which includes Ernest Borgnine, Doris Roberts, Anne Meara, Richard Schiff, Piper Laurie, and our own Amber Benson, give us some insight into making the movie, "Another Harvest Moon," which hits theaters in April.

February 16 2011

(SPOILER) Amber Benson to return to Supernatural. She'll be back for episode 19.

February 06 2011

Amber Benson announced for Hallowhedon 3. She joins Charisma Carpenter as the second guest scheduled.

January 13 2011

Amber Benson talks Buffy and Tara, among other things, on Ross Carey podcast. Much to say here from Amber Benson, in this very interesting interview. Drones, Buffy, Tara, and so on...

January 08 2011

Happy Birthday to Amber Benson. She turns 34 today. More...

December 28 2010

"Drones" to become available through Comcast On Demand starting Jan 1. So says Ms. Benson's Twitter feed.

December 23 2010

AssignmentX Part 2 interview with Amber Benson. She talks about her Death's Daughter novel series and what's going on with Drones, the film she co-directed with Buffy's Adam Busch.

December 20 2010

Assignment X interview with Amber Benson (Part 1 of 2). "The actress-novelist-screenwriter-director-producer talks about her new children's books."

November 09 2010

Amber Benson sings with James Saez. A new song with Amber Benson singing lead.

November 04 2010

(SPOILER) Tonight on US network tv - a Whedonverse guest star extravaganza. Eliza Dushku is on 'The Big Bang Theory' at 8pm EST on CBS, Amber Benson guests on 'Grey's Anatomy' at 9pm EST on ABC followed by Nick Brendon appearing on 'Private Practice' at 10.01 pm EST.

October 21 2010

Cast of Buffy pose for awkward family photos at Wizard Boston Con. James Marsters, Mercedes McNab, Clare Kramer, Amber Benson, Charisma Carpenter and Nicholas Brendon join in on the fun. More...

September 22 2010

(SPOILER) Amber Benson to guest on Grey's Anatomy.'s Michael Ausiello has the news along with spoilers for other US shows.

September 20 2010

Sing Something Sci-Fi. Amber Benson, Adam Busch, James Marsters and David Boreanaz make this list of 15 sci-fi and fantasy actors who have performed extra-curricular vocal duties.

August 16 2010

Syfy breaks silence, denies former 'Buffy' star's claim. 'Human Relations' is not derivative of 'Drones' in any way, cable channel says.

August 04 2010

Is SyFy's "Human Relations" really a "Drones" ripoff? Amber Benson and Adam Busch stop by The Wrap to personally delve into the curious situation they find themselves in with their indie film "Drones" and the previously-mentioned SyFy pilot. And over at Airlock Alpha, the creator of Human Relations puts forward his side of the story.

July 31 2010

Syfy ripping off Amber Benson? It seems that the Syfy channel's upcoming project "Human Relations" bears a suspicious resemblance to Amber Benson and Adam Busch's "Drones." More...

June 08 2010

Amber Benson interviewed at After Ellen. An excellent interview with some new photographs.

April 25 2010

Interview with Amber Benson about her new film "Drones". David Chen, managing editor of /Film, talks to Amber about the premise of her latest film and what it was like co-directing with Adam Busch.

UPDATE: A video version of the interview is now available here. More...

April 24 2010

Amber Benson is among the authors contributing to Breast Cancer Charity "lisa walks". An autographed copy of her recent novel "Cat's Claw" is being auctioned.

April 22 2010

(SPOILER) A review of Drones - "one indie movie you really need to see". Fandomania praises Amber Benson and Adam Busch's new movie and says Jonathan M. Woodward's performance is "reminiscent of vintage Bill Murray".

April 16 2010

Amber Benson and Adam Busch's appearance on Stupid for Movies. This is Amber and Adam on Stupid for Movies (they are introduced at about 44:15). They play a trailer for their movie Drones and talk about making it, and then talk about Muppets Take Manhattan.

April 08 2010

Buzzy Multimedia interviews Amber Benson and Adam Busch, Part 1. In the video interview they talk about making "Drones". There is a part 2 as well.

April 04 2010

Amber Benson tweets the Premiere date for "Drones" in the UK. The film she co-directed with Adam Busch and starring Jonathan Woodward, will premiere at Sci-Fi-London Expo.

April 02 2010

Amber Benson and Adam Busch on Stupid For Movies April 8. Amber Benson and Adam Busch are on a live web show called next week. They assigned homework to watch The Muppets Take Manhattan and you can skype in and discuss the movie with them. This link is the video of them giving the assignment.

March 18 2010

Amber Benson comments on the Buffy reboot movie. She tells On The Red Carpet "And I am like it's not really Buffy without Joss. So I wouldn't be in unless he was in."

March 07 2010

Amber Benson Video Blogs about Cat's Claw & Buffy. 5 videos of Amber "babbling" to her fans. More...

March 04 2010

Amber Benson's "Chance" now on Amazon on Demand. Amber wrote, directed and starred in this 2002 independent movie that also features James Marsters and Andy Hallett. It can be rented for a week for $1.99 or bought for $9.99.

February 23 2010

'Cat's Claw" by Amber Benson is released today. The second book in her Calliope Reaper-Jones trilogy has hit bookstores. She's appearing at Mysterious Galaxy tonight in San Diego for a signing. She'll also be appearing at Boston Comic Con (along with Christopher Golden and Thomas Sniegoski) on April 10th-11th. More...

February 01 2010

Amber Benson's "Cat's Claw" Feb. book tour. From her blog, "Yes, it's that time again. Time for weird old me to get in my car (then hobo hop a train & possibly a plane) and start trekking around the country schilling the latest installment of the Calliope Reaper-Jones series."
"Drones" reviewed by Variety. "Its deft farcical performances, witty script and sure-footed handling (by two thesps-turned-helmers) could attract a cult following via fest, DVD and possible cable sales." More...

January 26 2010

Drones gets high praise at Slamdance Film Fest. Slug Magazine calls Amber Benson and Adam Busch's new comedy, "One of the biggest crowd-pleasers of Slamdance 2010, this film uses actors and location to craft something unique in American cinema."

January 16 2010

Amber Benson and Adam Busch on the Kevin Pollak Chat Show. This Sunday, Jan 17th at 5PM (PST), Kevin interviews Adam, Amber, and members of the cast (and crew) of “Drones”.

January 15 2010

(SPOILER) Second trailer for Adam Busch & Amber Benson's new film, "Drones". This one was edited by Toby Wilkins, Director of last year's critically acclaimed horror film, "Splinter".

January 08 2010

Happy birthday, Amber Benson! She turns thirty-three today.

December 27 2009

Adam Busch, Common Rotation, Amber Benson & Tom Lenk appear on WNYC. Sun. Dec. 27, 8 PM EST, 5 PM PST. You can listen to them live from the WYNC website.

November 24 2009

Join Amber Benson in the fight against hunger. "From November 22nd - 29th all of the proceeds from Benson Entertainment's exclusive "Triangle Tara" action figure will be donated to the Los Angeles Food Bank!!"

October 09 2009

Amber Benson's "Another Harvest Moon" Makes Its Hollywood Premiere! Well, okay, it's more Ernest Borgnine's "Another Harvest Moon," but Amber's in it, and you can order buy your tickets for the October 23rd premiere.

September 26 2009

Amber Benson and Amber Tamblyn at the West Hollywood Bookfair. Oct 4th from 10am-6pm at West Hollywood Park. They will both be doing panels and signing. More...

September 19 2009

Amber Benson book signing in Houston, Tx at Murder by the Book. Today 3 events w/ Amber, starting with the book signing from 2-5pm. Then a special fundraiser reception benefiting Houston's SWAMP, from 5:30-7pm. Followed by Buffy musical episode sing-along, from 7:30p-10:30pm.

August 31 2009

Trailer for "The Killing Jar" co-starring Amber Benson. "A stranger armed with a shotgun takes seven patrons hostage in a remote roadside diner."

August 20 2009

Book Addict interviews Amber Benson. "Death's Daughter is the first book in a trilogy... It's about a girl named Calliope Reaper-Jones whose father just happens to be the Grim Reaper."

August 09 2009

Harry Groener at last night's Angel comic book signing. He was there to lend support for Juliet Landau's signing at Golden Apple Comics. Adam Busch and Amber Benson turned up as well. More...

July 21 2009

Associated Press discusses urban fantasy and Amber Benson's new novel. The AP has an article about "urban fantasy" and the supernatural romance. They talk briefly with Amber about her novel and the appeal of the genre.

July 08 2009

Amber Benson to Comic-Con. She sayeth by tweet: "Come say hey at Comicon! Sat. the 25th: 3pm - 4pm, Room 2: Monster Mash Panel & then signing at Convention Hall's Autograph Area 4pm – 5pm."

June 30 2009

Amber Benson on the new Buffy movie. "It definitely won't be the same Buffy as the TV show, it will not have Joss' voice. And I think that is what draws people into Buffy's world ... [But] it COULD be great."

June 25 2009

Movie adaptation of web series Girltrash! is in the works. It will star the original cast, which included Amber Benson as a Russian hooker/mistress.

June 17 2009

Amber Benson book signing in NYC on Saturday, June 27. Amber Benson will be signing copies of her book, Death's Daughter, at the Times Square location of Midtown Comics in Manhattan on Saturday, June 27, from 3-5PM. More...

June 15 2009

From Al Capone to Buffy-- This Week's Chicagoist Podcast. Weekly podcast chats with Amber Benson on her new projects. More...

June 01 2009

New York Post article about Amber Benson's latest works. Starr Report talks about Amber's appearence at Mid town Comics to sign Death's Daughter's copies, and mentions "Drones", the movie she co-directed with Adam Busch. More...

May 14 2009

Amber Benson/Christopher Golden Book Signing in Boston - June 19th. Amber Benson who wrote the BBC anime series with Christopher Golden, will be on hand at Pandemonium Books on June 19th for one night only from 7-9. Also signing will be author Thomas Sniegoski, a comic book writer, and co-author of the Menagerie series with Golden. More...

May 09 2009

An afternoon with Amber Benson and Tom Lenk. This special event to promote Amber's book "Death's Daughter" will be held in the Santa Monica Public Library next Saturday.

May 06 2009

Film Snobbery reviews the Buffy Paley event and Amber Benson's movie. They review the DVD of the event, along with Amber's movie 'One Eyed Monster' also on DVD.

May 03 2009

Amber Benson Does the Macerena (With Common Rotation). As promised, Amber Benson's YouTube video/fulfillment of her bet with her fans that if she got 85 reviews on Amazon, etc for her book "Death's Daughter", she would Macarena.

April 29 2009

Amber Benson Discovers Tweeting to Promote Her New Book "Death's Daughter". "The conclusion of iF Magazine's exclusive Amber Benson interview has her comments on Internet social networking, her favorite parts of her debut solo novel DEATH'S DAUGHTER and what she's doing now".

April 23 2009

Amber Benson guests tonight on Playboy Radio on Sirius/XM. I, of course, only listen for the articles.

April 18 2009

Trailer for Amber Benson's new movie, "One-Eyed Monster". It's a horror/comedy in the vein of Slither or Evil Dead, except much more low brow. The trailer is NSFW.

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