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October 28 2013

Happy Birthday, Tim Minear! He turns 50 today.

May 20 2013

Tim Minear returns to Redemptioncast for Angel's "Reunion". The Introcast devoted to watching Buffy and Angel for the first time brings back Angel writer, Tim Minear to discuss season 2, episode 10, "Reunion".

May 02 2013

Doug Petrie joins American Horror Story. According to Tim Minear on Facebook last night, the writer and/or producer on Buffy and Angel (and Professor Normal in Dr. Horrible) joins the FX show, where Minear is a writer and producer, for season three.

January 11 2013

Tim Minear and Ensemble of American Horror Story Honored by AFI. Tell Tim he did good, here and at his Facebook page. More...

October 29 2012

Happy Birthday, Tim Minear! He turns 49 today. More...

March 08 2012

Redemptioncast Special - Q&A with Tim Minear. Stephanie Smith and Robin Burdge ask Tim listener-submitted questions regarding Angel (mostly), Dollhouse and Terriers. There's also some Firefly and Wonderfalls talk thrown in. Chock full o' spoilers! More...

February 21 2012

Tim Minear reflects on the first season of American Horror Story. In this recent interview he discusses what attracted him to the FX series and what was involved in breaking each episode.

November 03 2011

Did You All See the "Written by Tim Minear" on Last Night's American Horror Story? "Halloween - Part Two" is now available on Amazon streaming and iTunes. More...

October 05 2011

American Horror Story premieres tonight on FX! Tim Minear is involved, though it's difficult (read: impossible) to find that out through IMDB. Looks like it starts at 10pm on the West Coast.

August 03 2011

Tim Minear joins the writing staff of American Horror Story, as Consulting Producer. The series will premiere on FX October 5th, with a 90-minute episode.

June 16 2011

Tim Minear on American Horror Story and Terra Nova. In an interview by Assignment X. He's on the staff of the former, and consulted on the latter.

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