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June 14 2011

First Set Photos from 'American Reunion'. The fourth part of the 'American Pie' franchise (not counting the direct-to-video sequels) reunites Alyson Hannigan with the rest of the original cast.

June 03 2011

Alyson Hannigan as the perfect mother. Aly remains as sweet as ever in this article from Huffpost about her role in the new AP movie and on motherhood in general.

June 02 2011

Alyson Hannigan talks 'American Reunion'. Interview with Alyson Hannigan about the sequel to American Pie.

April 11 2011

Alyson Hannigan will be part of new American Pie sequel. "American Reunion" will be the lastest in the "American Pie" movie series, and Hannigan will be part of it along with Jason Biggs. Her character was last seen in "American Wedding".

October 06 2009

Alyson Hannigan's "American Pie" Audition Tape. Flash from the past. Language definitely NSFW.

April 30 2006

The E! True Hollywood Story:American Pie. Learn the true(?) Hollywood story from the people who lived it in this E! TV special. My question is when are they finally going to do one of these for Buffy? Full House got one after all. It's on tonight and repeats at 11 pm and May 3rd at 8 pm.

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