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March 07 2014

Chiwetel Ejiofor, Amy Adams, and Chris Hemsworth nominated for MTV Movie Awards. The awards air on April 13th.

January 16 2014

Amy Adams and Chiwetel Ejiofor get nominated for Oscars. Amy got a Best Actress nomination for 'American Hustle' and Chiwetel a Best Actor nomination for '12 Years a Slave'.

January 22 2009

Richard Jenkins and Amy Adams nominated for an Oscar. Amy Adams of Buffy episode "Family" in a supporting role for "Doubt", and Richard Jenkins, of soon-to-shoot "Cabin in the Woods", for Best Actor in "The Vistor."

June 25 2008

Saturn Award Winners Announced. Summer Glau, Amy Adams and Drew Goddard's Cloverfield are among those honored. Congratulations to the winners! More...

November 20 2007

Amy Adams stars as an "Enchanted" princess. Hey, know why that cartoon-princess-come-to-life in all those commercials for Disney's big theatrical opening Wednesday (in the U.S.) looks familiar? More...

November 01 2007

Amy Adams to star in new Julia Child film with Meryl Streep. Adams lands the lead in the new film based on a popular book about a secretary who endeavors to cook all 524 recipes from Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" and blogs about her (mis)adventures. More...

May 15 2006

Amy Adams to appear in Underdog. "Underdog has found his girl. Amy Adams has joined the movie adaptation of the 'toon series, though what role she's playing is still a little unclear". Amy played Tara's cousin Beth in the Buffy episode "Family".

March 05 2006

Check out Cousin Beth at the Oscars! Tune in tonight to see if Amy Adams nabs the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in "Junebug". More...

January 31 2006

Amy Adams (Cousin Beth from the BTVS episode "Family") nominated for Academy Award. She's nominated as a supporting actress for her work in the film Junebug. More...

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