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April 22 2010

Tom Lenk's latest film project debuts at film festival. My Girlfriend's Boyfriend stars Alyssa Milano as 'Jesse Young' and features Tom Lenk as 'David Young'. The movie premieres at the Newport Beach Film Festival on April 24, 2010. More...

August 05 2009

When Science Fiction Fans Go Bad. Our favorite evil trio makes the cut for their fan-boy antics.

August 03 2009

From Falstaff to Joxer to Xander: The Fool is No Laughing Matter. A Torchonline article about the role of the fool with examples from Xena and Buffy. Namely Joxer, Xander and Andrew.

July 29 2008

Tom Lenk in Border Patrol (online video). Here is another example of online entertainment which Tom Lenk stars in (and is pimping at his MySpace). More...

May 03 2007

(SPOILER) DVD Talk Reviews "The Thirst", featuring multiple verse names. The film comes out on DVD(R1) May 15th, with Adam Baldwin, Clare Kramer, and Tom Lenk. The movie calls itself a "Requiem for a Dream meets Near Dark." The reviewer agrees they "steal quite blatantly" from the other films but this is more "campy", observing that, "Most of the actors seem to be having a little tongue-in-cheek fun with the material". More...

January 06 2007

Tom Lenk will appear in Jim Carrey thriller. Found this film today at IMDb. The one user comment indicated they thought Jim Carrey was strong in this film by Lost Boys director Joel Schumacher. Tom plays a bookstore clerk. You can also view the official site Here, though it doesn't seem to provide much at this time except kicky atmostphere. You can also view the trailer. The film releases in the U.S., what else, 2/23/07.

October 14 2006

Plowing the Untouched Field. Jane Espenson blogs about developing a spec script based on an underdeveloped show character. In her ongoing on-line screenwriting seminar, using Buffy episodes "Superstar" and "Storyteller" as examples, Jane discusses focusing TV scripts on secondary and tertiary characters, centering on their relationship to the main characters. More...

April 05 2006

Tom Lenk and Jenny Mollen join the Weekend with the Stars. July 15-16, 2006 in Las Vegas, NV. Tom and Jenny will be holding an art exhibition, of their work at the event. They will be joined by Andy Hallett, Summer Glau, Clare Kramer, and James Leary.

February 26 2006

'The Book of Liz' play co-starring Tom Lenk. It is currently running at the Blank Theatre in Hollywood. Fri-Sat at 8; Sun at 2. Closes March 26.

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