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August 28 2006

Adam Baldwin's appearance at Dragon*Con has been cancelled. On the official Firefly board, Adam posts that he was unable to attend due to his work schedule and apologies for the late notice and the inconvenience it may cause (req. reg). Summer Glau, Alan Tudyk, Andy Hallet and Nicholas Brendon are still scheduled to attend.

August 02 2006

BE Scared with Andy Hallett and fall under the spell of Juliet Landau at the Bash. Andy is the latest guest to be added to BE Scared in Burbank, CA in Oct. Also, Juliet will be joining Alexis for the Bash in the Bluegrass State in June 2007. Tickets for both events onsale now.Update: Booster now offering GA tickets for Blowout. More...

August 07 2005

Pics of Andy Hallet accepting his Big 3-0 Birthday fan project. And just for good measure, there's a couple of other Buffyverse actors in some of the pics as well.

July 15 2005

Andy Hallet Birthday Project Supports Angel's Food Drive. In honor of Andy, the group would like to raise at least $100 for the Los Angeles Regional Foodbank.

August 08 2002

Andy Hallet and Mark Lutz (Lorne and Groo) talk to the BBC, promoting the VHS release of AtS S3 part II. They do bad Irish accents and amuse us with impressions of Paul Lynde. No spoilers and very little 'behind the scenes' AtS info. But Andy looks good and Mark has shiny teeth. More...

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