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July 31 2014

Interview of Alexis about his new series. He talks a lot about Andy Hallet, whose passing still pains him.

March 28 2012

In Memory of Andy Hallett. He passed away three years ago today. A fan of his has organised a charity donations page in memory of him. In her words "I thought that maybe we can do something good together in his name. What better cause to work some simple magic and give clean water to people who are in need of it." More...

April 30 2010

Remembering Andy Hallett - your help is needed. A fan is looking for stories/pics of Andy to put in a book for Andy's mother.

March 28 2010

Mark Lutz's tribute to Andy Hallett. As seen in this week's Angel: Lorne comic book.

March 24 2010

(SPOILER) For the discussion of a special issue of Angel: Lorne. A tribute to the late Andy Hallett. More...

March 04 2010

Amber Benson's "Chance" now on Amazon on Demand. Amber wrote, directed and starred in this 2002 independent movie that also features James Marsters and Andy Hallett. It can be rented for a week for $1.99 or bought for $9.99.

July 22 2009

Christian Kane talks about the late, great Andy Hallett. "Andy was a great friend of mine. We went all over Europe together. He was a good friend and a really good guy…It's hard for me to talk about, I get really choked up... He was such a great guy and I really hate that he passed".

April 13 2009

Geekscape remembers Andy Hallett. 33 minutes and 22 seconds into the video podcast, host Jonathan London shares what it was like being Andy's upstairs neighbor, years ago. More...

April 09 2009

"He was a real gentleman, very funny, and I will miss him greatly". James Marsters shares his thoughts on Andy Hallett.

April 03 2009

Donations in memory of Andy Hallett. Andy's agent writes to say what the family wants donation wise in lieu of flowers. "When Andy was in high school his best friend lost his brother so the two boys put together a scholarship fund. Andy continued to raise money til his death for this". The address for the fund is as follows. More...
Memorial feature on Andy Hallett. A memorial feature for Andy Hallett is at More...

April 02 2009

Cards for Andy Hallett's family. Andy's agent let Whedonesque know that Andy's parents have set up a PO Box for cards. The address is as follows. More...

April 01 2009

Tim Minear posts a tribute video for Andy Hallett on Facebook. "Andy was a natural. "Angel" was his first acting gig. Joss came up with the character of The Host (later known as Lorne) with Andy as in inspiration". And Charisma Carpenter had this to say about Andy yesterday, "Andy was a beacon of love and laughter". More...

March 30 2009

R.I.P Andy Hallett. E! Online confirms that he passed away last night. It's a very sad day for the fandom. Deepest condolences to his friends and family. Details about to send donations and cards can be found here and here.

August 04 2008

Happy Birthday Andy Hallett! A joyous day wished to our favourite green skinned demon, who will be 33 today.

August 20 2007

The Host and a Watcher visits Glasgow this weekend. Andy Hallett and Tony Head will be attending Collectormania Glasgow this weekend. Then the following weekend Andy Hallett will also be at LFCC in London. More...

August 03 2007

Happy Birthday to Andy Hallett. The Host with the most, who made us all love green celebrates his birthday today. We wish him well on this special day.

April 24 2007

Andy Hallett signs up for the London Film and Comic Con. It's held in Earls Court on Sept 8-9, 2007.

September 08 2006

Extensive and illustrated Dragon*Con 2006 Report. girlpire's excellent report replete with accounts of panels, pics, and videos. Part 2 is here. More...

April 27 2006

Andy Hallett talks Angel, fandom and music. Loads of Lorne goodness over at

April 19 2006

Andy Hallett joins BE Blowout 1 in August. He'll be there along with Elisabeth Rohm and Mark Sheppard in Burbank, CA on Aug 18-20. SPECIAL REMINDER : In Las Vegas this Sunday there is a charity acoustical concert by Kane for the Lied Animal Shelter. The tickets include a meet and greet with Chris and Steve after the concert.

March 28 2006

New Whedonverse Dragon*con Guests Confirmed! Summer Glau, Adam Baldwin, Andy Hallett, and James Leary have been added to Dragon*con's confirmed list of guests! More...

March 23 2006

Buffyverse news from Wizard World LA. Clare Kramer praises Joss Whedon and Andy Hallett reveals that he's working on an album.

February 23 2006

Christian Kane to attend FedCon. Clare Kramer and Andy Hallett are also confirmed guests.

February 12 2006

A god and a demon visit Germany in May. Clare Kramer and Andy Hallett have joined the list of guest at this years Fed-Con in Fulda, Germany May 19-21, 2005.

February 11 2006

Las Vegas Autographs "Weekend With The Stars" July 15th and 16th. Summer Glau, Andy Hallett, Clare Kramer, and James C. Leary are among the guests expected to attend.

January 09 2006

Guest role on Veronica Mars nixed. Those hoping for James Marsters or Andy Hallett to appear on Veronica Mars as a result of last week's TV Guide poll will be disappointed to hear that it won't happen. Rob Thomas told Mike Ausiello that he's "$100,000 over budget on that episode and we're losing the role."

January 04 2006

(SPOILER) Marsters and Hallett feature in Veronica Mars guest star poll. The poll as voted for by readers of TV Guide's Mike Auseillo's column has been forwarded onto Rob Thomas (numerous spoilers for US shows on this page as well).

November 16 2005

Want to send Andy Hallett a happy Winter Holiday greeting? Then pop over to the Nude Chocolate Lorne Society (fantastic name) and sign the e-card. More...

September 15 2005

New Message from Andy Hallett... Andy Hallett posted a new message at his website. It's a really sweet one.

September 12 2005

Amy Acker to guest on 'Alias'? According to a news item over at Hellmouth Central, Andy Hallett told SlayerCon attendees that Amy had just finished shooting a guest spot for the show.

August 04 2005

Happy Birthday to Andy Hallett. Our favorite green demon turns 30 today.

May 19 2004

A letter from Andy Hallett. He thanks the fans for four wonderful years.

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