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August 14 2015

'Angel: After The Fall' gets repackaged as 'Angel: Season 6'. The first volume in the two volume set is out in October. The IDW blurb says " Angel: Season Six brings all the best moments from Angel: First Night, Spike: After the Fall, and Angel: After the Fall".

December 08 2009

Comic book sales figures for November 2009. ICv2's sales estimates for November 2009 have been released. More...

December 15 2008

Buffyverse overload: Buffy #20 and Angel ATF # 15 ship this week. Confirmed by Previews.

October 20 2008

Buffy S8, Angel ATF and Spike ATF's positions in September's comics chart. The Whedonverse books reach the usual excellent rankings for last month's retailer orders. Plus, The Long Way Home TPB is back in the Top 100 and First Night gets in at #20. ICV2 has the estimates.

September 22 2008

J. August Richards chats about his new show 'Raising The Bar'. And find out his reaction to what's been happening in Gunn in 'Angel: After The Fall'.

July 26 2008

Joss Whedon talks about his comic books. ComicMix chats with him about Buffy season 8, Angel: After The Fall, A Shepherd's Tale and Fray.

July 17 2008

Cover art for the Angel: After The Fall 'First Night' Hardcover. Chris Ryall posts the Wesley-centric artwork by Alex Garner on his blog. More...

June 03 2008

(SPOILER) Alex Garner's cover for Angel After The Fall #11. Have a look at the incredibly vibrantly red cover for ATF's August issue.

April 15 2008

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch shows cover for Spike ATF #2. Brian returns to his blog with two new entries detailing the progress on Angel ATF 8 and reveals Urru's quite piss-taking cover for Spike's spinoff. Angel must feel the vitriol:-).

March 14 2008

Brian Lynch updates on length of Angel After The Fall. A confirmation that the series will run for more than the previously announced 12 issues.

March 11 2008

Chris Ryall hints at two new Brian Lynch series. IDW's editor previews cover art for Everybody's Dead and announces Brian will start two "somethings".. could one be an Angel continuation ? Meanwhile over at his Myspace blog, Brian gives an update on the writing progress for Angel: After The Fall.

September 05 2007

Angel After The Fall #1 available for pre-order at

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