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October 01 2015

Anthony Head talks briefly about Ripper. "The life of Buffy still goes on in the comics, and I'd have to play a 60-year-old or an 80-year-old, do you know what I mean? That's not quite fun!"

July 16 2015

Anthony Head on Buffy's influence on Doctor Who. Promoting the return of Dominion, in a brief interview, he made a comparation of the shows.

October 30 2013

Anthony Head interview. References to Buffy and Much Ado About Nothing.

July 28 2013

Much Ado and more screening at The Schonell Theatre, UQ. Much Ado About Nothing, Cabin in the Woods, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movie) and Repo! the Genetic Opera staring Anthony Stewart Head will be screening at The Schonell Theatre on The University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus starting July 30. More...

March 16 2013

Neverwhere featuring Anthony Head begins today. It starts at 2.30 GMT on BBC Radio 4.

January 25 2013

Anthony Head returns to Cabin Pressure. He guest starred on this week's episode of the brilliant BBC Radio Four radio sitcom Cabin Pressure, reprising his role as Hercules Shipwright. More...

December 04 2012

Joss meets with some Heads in London. Mr Whedon enjoyed a rendez-vous with Tony Head, his partner Sarah and their two children. Single picture Facebook link.

November 25 2012

'Merlin' officially not returning for Series 6. Co-creators and Executive Producers, Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy, comment on the show ending. Cast members, including Anthony Head, comment on the show's end here.

November 21 2012

Neil Gaiman teases new project with Anthony Head. Author says he received a cast sheet with several notable British names, including Anthony Head's. More...

October 03 2012

Anthony Head is recording an album. (Facebook link) Tony Head announced on his Facebook page that he is recording an accoustic album of - mostly - covers and some original work. More...

August 22 2012

A Real Bloodsucker. Tony Head's rendition of Behind Blue Eyes makes the list of covers in this review of essential tracks by The Who.

October 06 2011

Anthony Head's "Free Agents" cancelled. After another low rated episode, NBC has pulled the plug on Tony's comedy, making it the second cancellation this fall. More...

July 27 2011

(SPOILER) Video interview with Anthony Head about Merlin, backstage at Comic Con. Plenty of chuckles along with a few serious bits about the show. Low-fi vid of awesome season 4 trailer is here. More...

July 25 2011

'Merlin' renewed for a fifth season. Confirmed by executive producers Jonny Capps and Jillian Murphy. More...

June 21 2011

Tony Head talks "Free Agents". He discusses his new NBC series with Digital Spy.

May 02 2011

"Would you just leave my cheeks alone?" Anthony Head recalls childhood memories. Bless.

March 23 2011

Anthony Head to reprise UK series role in the US. 'Free Agents' is a British comedy that is making its transition to the US market. Tony will play the same character as in the original.

March 12 2011

Receive a 20 minute phone call from Anthony Head. The auction is in aid of The Mental Health Foundation. Bidding ends at 23.59 UK time on Saturday April 9th.

February 19 2011

Many happy returns, Mr Head (warning, image contains blood and gore) . Perhaps not the happiest choice of pictures of Anthony Head who turns 57 today, but worth seeing. More...

January 06 2011

(SPOILER) "It was something that Buffy had. And yet the WB never, never ever explored it." The Huffington Post quizzes Anthony Head on Merlin and the Buffy Remake. Spoilers for Merlin S3 and the comics. More...

January 02 2011

Anthony Head: "Oh stop. It's appalling." talks to Mr Head about Merlin Season 3 and tags on a question about the prospect of a Joss-less Buffy movie.

November 29 2010

Merlin to return for fifth series? The show's producers and BBC are in talks for a fifth season of Anthony's show "Merlin."

November 24 2009

"Six Degrees of Separation" - Anthony Head's new play. This will be on at The Old Vic in London from January 7th to April 3rd 2010. More...

October 22 2009

Anthony Head's radio comedy 'Bleak Expectations' returns for a new series. It'll be on next Thursday on Radio 4.

July 26 2009

Tony Head voted 8th most loved UK voice. Something nice to see over your morning cup of tea, anyway.

May 30 2009

Anthony Head Talks Coffee & Kisses. And briefly mentions his new role in The Invisibles with NPR's Scott Simon.

January 19 2009

Repo! The Genetic Opera with ASH comes out today on DVD and Blu-ray. Can't wait for a Dr. Horrible sequel? Then this Goth Rock Opera starring Anthony Head as the Repo Man might satisfy your evil musical needs for the time being. More...

August 06 2008

Tony Head is back in a new series of Bleak Expectations. Airs tomorrow on Radio 4.

May 02 2008

Anthony Head's heaven and hell. Tony, currently starring in BBC's The Invisibles - which premiered last night - talks to the Telegraph about his best and worst holiday experiences.

September 14 2007

Watch Anthony Head's short film "Amelia and Michael" online. You can also vote for it for Best Short Film in the Raindance Film Festival.

July 13 2007

Anthony Head in ITV1 drama comedy this autumn in the UK. He will be co-starring in Sold with Kris Marshall from My Family. More...

December 23 2006

The alternative PM: Anthony Head. The Times raises a glass to Britain's national treasures and counts Tony Head among them. More...

November 19 2006

Kevin Smith follows in Joss Whedon's footsteps, scratch that, he's following Anthony Head instead. After doing a guest stint on his favorite show, Veronica Mars, Kevin Smith moves on to further his acting career. He will be starring in the US version of Manchild in the role originally held in the BBC version by Anthony Head. More...

July 17 2006

Anthony Head is 'Big in America'. Anthony Head is mentioned in today's edition of The Independent as one of the few Brits doing well in America . Apparently our dear ex-Watcher has "just a hint of the night about him".

February 02 2006

Anthony Head thanks everyone who voted for him at Theatregoers' Choice Awards. His reaction to winning Best Supporting Actor for Otherwise Engaged.

January 31 2006

Anthony Head wins Theatregoers' Choice Awards. The nod was for Best Supporting Actor (in a Play) for 'Otherwise Engaged.'

January 27 2006

Anthony Head's new film 'Imagine Me & You' opens this weekend. And it's mentioned on the IMDB Home Page! And there's a review of the movie at Ain't It Cool News.

January 23 2006

Clip of Tony Head in Hotel Babylon. Tony Head will be appearing on UK television this Thursday in Hotel Babylon and a clip from this episode is online featuring our Tony! More...

December 28 2005

Got Milk Tony? Anthony Head is now doing the voiceover for a British TV advert for Cravendale strawberry flavoured milk. More...

December 05 2005

Vote For Tony and 'Otherwise Engaged'. Both Anthony Head and his new play 'Otherwise Engaged' have been nominated for Theatregoers Choice Awards, if you've been then get voting! More...

November 07 2005

Anthony Head to return to his transvestite roots! Richard E. Grant wants to add Tony to his new film as a transvestite. "I would really like to direct Tony as a transvestite, so I'm trying to work in a character." "I really love Richard. It would be great to be directed by him. And I have good legs." More...

November 06 2005

Review of Anthony Head's Play "Otherwise Engaged". Nice review of Tony's latest play, sadly only a small mention of Tony himself though.

October 26 2005

20 Questions With...Anthony Head. He picks Joss as one of his favourite playwrights and directors.

June 29 2005

Godiva Film in Trouble. It would seem that Tony Head will be forced to wait to film 'Lady Godiva: Back in The Saddle'. More...

June 21 2005

James Marsters and Anthony Stewart Head to appear on Rove Live. In Melbourne next week for the convention, the boys will appear on the Australian talk show. James appeared on it around this time last year. More...

June 14 2005

Giles and the Supernatural. "From Buffy to True Horror, Anthony Head has a thing for the spirit world" - ASH talks a little about Giles, and a lovely ghost that lives in his house.

June 11 2005

True Horror: A look into our nightmares... The New Straits Times Online promote Anthony Stewart Head's paranormal documentary.

June 07 2005

"Hi. I'm Anthony Head and you've got mail!". Sound files recorded by Tony for your computer. Fantastic! More...

May 24 2005

"Little Britain" Season 1 Coming To Region 1 DVD. The British sketch show features Tony Head as the Prime Minister.

May 02 2005

Anthony Head on snogging David Walliams. He phoned into XFM for an interview as part of the XFM Bounty Hunter promotion to try and win a prize for the Gambia Horse and Trust.

April 27 2005

Anthony Head's auctions benefiting the Mayhew Animal Home, Julie's Trust, and SHADA. It will begin at 4pm on Sunday 1st May and bidding will close at 4pm on Saturday 21st May 2005.

April 26 2005

Anthony Head takes part in Xfm's Bounty Hunter Competition. Click here for the direct link to his audio interview.

April 12 2005

Tony Head is my choice to portray me says Blair. Now if only the British Prime Minister would give him a knighthood.

April 10 2005

Anthony Head Talks To In which Tony chats about his new series True Horror, drops some tidbits about Ripper and Buffy Animated (has it been picked up?), reveals whether he would play Doctor Who and suggests what Joss should do next. More...

March 29 2005

Tony Head hosts BBC radio preview of the new Doctor Who tv series. The second episode of Project: WHO?, "Reverse the Polarity" is up as streaming Real Audio.

March 22 2005

Anthony Head hosts BBC 'Doctor Who' radio program. Anthony Stewart Head hosted the first part of BBC Radio's "Project: Who" radio program tonight, where he talks about the Doctor Who concept and how it's endured. This is to promote the upcoming new "Doctor Who" series premiering Saturday on the BBC. The entire radio show is available at that link.

March 12 2005

Article on Doctor Who, with a strong Buffy influence. Buffy, Joss Whedon, and Anthony Stewart Head all merit mention and discussion in this article on Doctor Who.

March 11 2005

Audio interview with Anthony Stewart Head. He talks about his support for Comic Relief, his other charity work and his favourite comedy programmes.

March 07 2005

Anthony Stewart Head - the new narrator for "Project: Who". This is a forthcoming two-part radio documentary "Project: Who" airing on Radio 2 on March 22 and 29 and is part of the lead up for the new Dr Who series. More...

June 16 2003

Transcript of ASH's Q&A at Moonlight Rising con.

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