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March 29 2014

Emma Caulfield bids adieu to YouTube Vlogging. After 20 amazing months of weekly musings and advice to fans, Emma's vlog has ended.

May 22 2013

"Which Buffy Character" is Emma Caulfield. In honor of the 10th Anniversary of Chosen, Emma Caulfield takes a Buffy personality quiz.

July 19 2012

Emma Caulfield starts YouTube Vlogging. Already known for embracing the power of the internet, Emma begins her own vlog series in which she shares some random musings and answers fan questions.

April 16 2012

Emma Caulfield returns to co-host Indie Intertube. Our favorite former vengeance demon returns to co-host the popular web call-in show on Wednesday, April 18th. More...

January 24 2012

Anya's Death: One of the Most Undignified? io9's Charlie Jane Anders counts down the top ten most "undignified" deaths in "sci-fi and fantasy" movie/TV history, and cites Anya's unfortunate demise in "Chosen" as one that particularly takes the cake.

October 27 2011

JossJunkie's newest song, this time about Anya. Karuna Tanahashi -- aka Joss Junkie -- writes and performs songs about folks in the Whedonverse. Her latest, "Love You... With a Vengeance," is all about everyone's favorite Vengeance Demon.

October 10 2011

Interview: Buffy Alum and Bandwagon Star Emma Caulfield. VeryAware's Jason Tabrys (@jtabrys) has a fun discussion with Emma about everything and anything, from Buffy to the Peach Pit. More...

July 03 2010

IF Magazine interviews Emma Caulfield about 'Timer', now on DVD. "The actress talks about her love for her new movie, the comic book she's co-created and what she got out of years on Buffy."

May 19 2010

The New York Times reviews Emma Caulfield's TiMER. The review is short but positive. It includes a picture of Emma.

June 30 2009

Wizard World brings a vengeance Demon and a Gentleman to Chicago. Emma Caulfield and Doug Jones will be appearing at the event Aug 6-8th. More...

July 31 2008

Sex education website uses Xander & Anya to illustrate the importance of communication. Halfway down the page in the column of example fictional couples on the right-hand side. More...

January 29 2007

Anya in A Valentine Carol. Emma Caulfield is starring in the upcoming Lifetime movie, A Valentine Carol, to air on February 11 at 9pm. More...

September 01 2006

Emma Caulfield stars in 'In Her Mother's Footsteps' on lifetime movie network. It airs tonight at 8pm, the LMN original is about a young woman haunted by visions. There is a trailer available on the site.

October 09 2005

Wanna Be a Vengeance Demon? Now you can buy a prop replica of Anya's necklace from the episode "The Wish"--a personal favorite of many Buffy fans. More...

August 23 2005

Buffy PALz Series 3 Pics! Palisades has revealed the 3-D renderings of its 3rd Series of the successful Buffy PALz. More...

August 22 2005

Emma Caulfield in new Spielberg Film "Munich" ...but, not a lot of additional information about the film or the role as this project has a lot of secrecy and controversy surrounding it already.

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