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February 06 2010

Dollhouse ARG Continuing? Senator Daniel Perrin just tweeted "Investigating Cause of Explosion in Tucson." Is it possible that we haven't seen the last of Dollhouse ARG stuff? More...

March 08 2009

(SPOILER) Hazel is saved. "People can be molded, but everyone has a right to their own personality". The Dollhouse ARG (Alternative Reality Game) run by FOX has concluded. Here's a summary by a fansite of what went down. They (the ARG) reveal a Dollhouse plot point spoiler near the end, so spoiler adverse folk will want to avoid.

February 25 2009

Chat about the Dollhouse Alternate Reality Game 'Dollplay'. It's been two weeks since the RPrime Lab website appeared. Are we still following the trials of Hazel? More...

February 12 2009

R-Prime Lab website live. It's an official alternative reality game (ARG) for Dollhouse they're shooting day-to-day, so fan reaction determines the outcome. It's all kinds of wacky.

September 27 2005 Updated. Looks like the gent who was setting up the bluesun ARG didn't have time to finish in time.

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