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August 01 2015

CSTS events in Pittsburgh and Seattle today. Serenity on the big screen, Serenity soaps, Ariel Ambulance, Sean Faust, Jewel Staite and Lee Stringer. More...

November 28 2007

Volunteer driver needed for Ariel Ambulance to Browncoat Cruise Kick-off Party. Gas and tow-vehicle rental costs will be promptly reimbursed!

March 07 2007

Browncoat Cruise wants the Ariel Ambulance. I wonder if the boat has a hoverpad or cargo bay. More...

January 18 2007

Jewel Staite (Kaylee) signed the Ariel Ambulance! "Shiny Ride". Awwww, she drew a heart too! More...

May 06 2006

"The Ariel Ambulance is in Browncoat hands!" Akin documents -- with text, photographs, and video -- Saturday's culmination of the ten-month effort to rescue the ambulance seen in "Ariel" from a scrapyard.

April 30 2006

6 May is Ariel Ambulance Day when the ambulance will be purchased and transported to the Minter Field Air Museum for restoration and display and volunteers are needed. More...

April 19 2006

Ariel Ambulance Fund Has reached its Goal. The Ariel Ambulance Fund as reached its target goal of $4000.00 which will cover buying the Ariel Ambulance as well as initial moving and restoration costs. More...

February 12 2006

"We're poised to make the deal and take away the Ariel Ambulance!" Adam Whiting calls for volunteers at the ArielAmbulance Yahoo! group.... More...

August 05 2005

'Akin' talks to the owner of the 'Ariel' ambulance! Slightly frustrating update from LiveJournaler "Akin" -- who finally spoke to the owner of the scrapyard that houses the discarded flying ambulance from "Ariel." "He isn't too excited about selling," Akin reports. "He would happily trade it for some kind of surplus aviation stuff or something, but I doubt that the fan community has a whole lot available...."

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